Zero Click Searches for Plumbers

Zero Click Searches

Zero click searches are the new rage in SEO. Here is the definition of a zero click search result. “A zero-click SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is one where the answer is displayed directly at the top of a Google search result. The search intent of the user is satisfied without having to click any actual search result links.” Zero click searches for plumbers is very similar. The phone number is in the listing when a ready-to-buy customer searching for a “plumber” in your town . So, the ready-to-buy customer simply calls the #1 plumber without clicking through to that plumber’s website.

Some ready-to-buy customers might click through to your website if they are looking for a specific item like water heater types you sell, for instance. Otherwise, the ready-to-buy customer will call and ask you what you have in the way of water heaters. It’s faster to call and get the details from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Zero Click Searches for Plumbers

Local Searches Favor Plumbers

The Google playing field favors plumbers in SEO. When ready-to-buy customers search for a plumber they have the Google Map and organic ranking list to choose from. There’s no need to click through to the website. They just call the phone number listed in either case. Most zero click searches result from a snippet that answers the question of the search. There are no snippets for plumber searches. So, these are zero click searches for plumbers. Over 50% of the ready-to-buy customers will call you. You can answer their questions and get the business that quickly.

This is why local Google search is the fastest and best way to get new plumbing customers. That’s if you’re #1 on Google for “plumber” searches in your town.

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