Yelp for Plumbers

Yelp for Plumbers

Yelp for Plumbers is a must. Whether you like Yelp or not, if you’re a plumber you need to be on Yelp. Once you have a Yelp account and Yelp page the goal is to be #1 on Yelp. This is a huge source for business opportunity for your plumbing company. Yelp ranks plumbing companies in a similar way Google ranks plumbing companies. Both Google and Yelp listings are local, so when a ready-to-buy customer searches for a “plumber” in their town they can call the plumber from that listing. They don’t need to go to your website. We don’t have statistics about Yelp like we do about Google for the #1 listing, but the ROI is sizable.

yelp for plumbers

The one objection to Yelp by business owners, including plumbers, is the negative reviews that everybody seems to get. No matter how good your company performs you will get at least one or a few negative reviews from customers. The upside to this is you get to respond to reviews. You can tell your side of the story and Yelp users will see your explanation for the bad review. Yelp users understand this. They understand that some customers are never happy regardless of the service they have received.

Your Yelp page must be Optimized

The goal is to be #1 on Yelp for searches for a “plumber” in your town and service area. You will get the most phone calls, similar to your #1 Google listing. Good reviews and a good review average will help, but your Yelp page must be correctly optimized to reach #1.

SEO Plumber Pro will optimize your Yelp page and maintain it for you. This is important if you want to be #1 on Yelp. Contact us or request a free consultation to find out more about being #1 on Google and #1 on Yelp.

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