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Working with SEO Plumber Pro

Six Months with SEO Plumber Pro

When you sign up to start working with SEO Plumber Pro here’s what you can expect. We start our plumbing company clients with a 6-month contract. This is preceded by a one month website and social media assessment and any build or rebuilds necessary. During that initial month we gather company information from you and/or your staff. We also work on your website optimization infrastructure. SEO Plumber Pro will survey your town and service area including your competition. We prepare your content plan based on existing content and necessary changes and additions.

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During the first three months we add content via your blog and social media network. We help you create videos, which are optimized with customer questions. Your answers to those questions are the video content we produce and upload to your YouTube channel. Then we distribute your videos on your blog, Facebook and Twitter. During the first three months we attempt to get you to #1 on Google for the keyword “plumber”. By getting your website to #1 on Google you will get over 50% of the phone calls from ready-to-buy customers searching for a “plumber” in your town. Your ROI will be well over 1000%.

You’ll be the Judge of Your SEO

In the fourth and fifth months you will see an good uptick in phone calls from ready-to-buy customers. These customers are more upscale than the average customers. They spend more money with you and give you a chance to become their go-to plumber. Lifetime customers are the key to a successful plumbing company. You’ll have the opportunity to make these new customers into lifetime customers.

SEO Plumber Pro will work on profit center keywords and keyword phrase after getting “plumber to #1 on Google. Water heater is the next keyword we pursue for you. At the end of six months you will be the judge of how we are doing. So, at that point you can continue to work with us or if unhappy with the results we can end our contract work. We’ve never had a plumber leave after the first six months. As a result, we’ve worked with many plumbers for years. And our pricing is very reasonable.

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