Website Shaming for Plumbers

Website Shaming for Plumbers

Website shaming for plumbers is pretty common. Many plumber don’t have a website that they are proud to own. While other plumbers spend good money to get a website that looks nice, but does it make money? That’s the bottom line, literally.

Having a website started out as a novelty. Then it became a necessity. Now, it can be a huge advantage if your plumbing company website ranks #1 on Google. Only one plumbing company website can rank #1 on Google in your town. That #1 plumbing company website gets over 50% of the phone calls from ready-to-buy-customers searching for a “plumber” in your town. So, what’s more important, a nice looking website or a shabby website that makes you money? How about a nice looking site that makes you money?

The most important element of your website is optimization. That’s how you get to rank #1 on Google. If your website has the basics of phone number, address, name of company and services it can potentially make money for you. But, it must rank very high on Google before the phone calls start coming in from it.

Website Shaming for Plumbers

How about a Free Website?

SEO Plumber Pro understands website shame. We criticize or own websites all the time. Then we upgrade our website. Later we start criticizing it again. We believe everybody has website shame at one time or another.

SEO Plumber Pro offers a free website to our plumbing clients. We have a monthly SEO charge for our plumbing clients. And it stays the same whether we build you a new WordPress website or not. This help you and it helps us. First of all, we use an attractive theme for your site. Then we optimize your website to rank #1 on Google. It’s a win-win situation. It helps us make you #1 on Google. To find out more about a free website and ranking #1 on Google contact us or request a free consultation.

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