Using Tags for Plumber Websites

Using the Right Tags for Plumber Websites Helps Customers Find You

Tags are a behind the scenes feature that can really improve your website Google ranking. We’ll use WordPress as the example here because we feel it’s the best and simplest website building platform. When you build a page or post you are working behind the scenes. You’re on the edit page for the page or blog you are creating. This is where all your options are available to create good or great plumbing content. Let’s assume you’ve completed your content for a page or post. So, what’s next? Using tags for plumber websites is an essential and important task.

Let’s say you’re adding content for your water heater page. When you’re done make sure you add a “water heater repair” tag. Even if your content focuses on new water heaters and installation you offer make sure to add the “water heater repair” tag. You may have mentioned that you repair water heaters, but the important thing is the tag. Why? Because ready-to-buy customers with a broken water heater may earch for “water heater repair”. This will make it easier for them to find your website. But, more importantly it will help you rank higher for water heater repair on Google where the most customers will find you.

Using Tags for Plumber Websites

Tags Help You Rank Highest on Google

When you’re using tags properly you are helping to structure your website in a way that makes it easier to find. Ready-to-buy customers and Google will understand what your website pages and blog posts are about when you properly tag them. Your tags reflect what that page or post are about. Then Google can determine how relevant and important your content is to people searching for the subject your content covers. If you are most relevant and useful to people searching for a plumber and plumbing serviced offered you’ll rank high on Google.

If you do all of the things necessary well you’ll rank highest on Google for “plumber near me” searches. You can also rank highest for “water heater repair” searches and other profit centers. You may want to consider hiring a reasonably priced professional SEO company that specializes on plumbers. If so, make sure you are confident they can deliver an excellent ROI.

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