The Truth about Plumber Keywords

Here’s the Real Truth about Plumber Keywords

Keyword research is important for plumbers on the internet. Especially if you’re trying to rank #1 on Google for your main keyword, “plumber”. So, here’s the truth about plumber keywords. Yes, it’s most important to rank #1 on Google for the search term “plumber”. But, it’s also important to rank #1 for “plumbing” and “plumbing company”. These are the search terms that ready-to-buy customers use to find a plumber online.

The Truth about Plumber Keywords

There are also lesser keywords that ready-to-buy customers use to find a plumber. “Clogged drain” and “broken pipe” might be search terms that a frantic customer might type into the search bar. The thing to remember is great website structure that positions you as the #1 plumber on Google will also get you business from these lesser terms.

Get Your Profit Centers Ranked #1 on Google

Google knows that a plumber can fix a “clogged drain” or “broken pipe”. So, there is no need to overdo it with lesser keywords and keyword phrase like these. When we structure plumber content we concentrate on your profit centers. “Water heater repair” and “water heater installation” are keyword phrases that we build a page or website section about. “Backflow testing” would be another keyword phrase that deserves attention. When profit centers are supported by proper keyword content you can rank #1 on Google for these search terms. Then they really become profit centers.

Great SEO Copywriting Brings You Profits

The real truth about plumber keywords is if they are used in a naturally easy to read way they will help make you #1 on Google for those keywords. There is no need to do keyword stuffing. That’s the overuse of important keywords to try to get Google attention. It gets Google’s attention. Except Google punishes websites that have keyword stuffing. The most effective way to use keywords is to write informative, helpful content that clearly explains what you can do for your customers. That does two things. It please Google and it pleases ready-to-buy customers looking for specific information regarding their plumbing situation.

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