Twitter for plumbers

Twitter for Plumbers

Twitter for Plumbers – Another SEO Building Block

Twitter for plumbers? Yes, it’s a building block for your SEO score at the very least. Twitter, along with Facebook, is also great way to increase your exposure and get new customers. Is Twitter as powerful as Facebook? Well, it can be, it all depends on how it is set up and and how consistently you post on Twitter. Facebook gains you Facebook friends, Twitter gets you followers. There is a method to this madness of social media.

SEO Plumber Pro will set up your entire Social Media Network, as we call it. The bedrock site for your plumbing company is Google My Business. That’s your ante up site, you must have a complete profile entered on Google My Business. So, that’s what we do first. Then we check or build your Facebook page and profile. Next is Twitter, which is similar to Facebook in online exposure for your plumbing company.

Twitter for Plumbers

SEO Plumber Pro Handles Your Twitter Feed

SEO Plumber will handle your Twitter, Facebook and Google My Business accounts for you. Other additional social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn may also enter the mix as need be. This is your Social Media Network. It is crucial to have this network set up professionally and correctly to produce the desired results for your plumbing company. Your SEO score, which propels you to #1 on Google is comprised of many factors. So, social media is part of what Google looks at to determine where you rank on Google.

When you are #1 on Google you have the highest SEO score of all plumbers in your town and service area. That #1 ranking, along with a #1 ranking on Google Maps will garner an ROI of well over 1000%. This translates to you receiving over 50% of the calls from customers searching Google for a plumber in your town. To find out more about this great opportunity contact SEO Plumber Pro or request a free consultation.

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SEO Plumber Pro Company

SEO Plumber Pro Company

Go with the SEO Plumber Pro Company

The SEO Plumber Pro Company is a dynamic SEO company dedicated to helping plumbers and plumbing companies get the best ready-to-buy internet customers in your town and service area.   SEO Plumber Pro works with only one plumber or plumbing company in each U.S. town.   We help your plumbing company compete and beat your competition in the Google search results for “plumber” or “plumbing” in your town.

SEO Plumber Pro Company, formerly known as Plumbers Only Marketing, uses old school content delivery and cutting edge technology to get your plumbing company to the top of the search engine results page in you city.  We use information about your company to build an online profile for your plumbing company on the internet.

SEO Plumber Pro in Action

SEO Plumber Pro takes your website to another level.  We will build a new Word Press website for your company, if necessary, and it will be included in your monthly marketing payment at no extra charge.  We will also build or modify for social media network to include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+.

SEO Plumber Pro uses video marketing to promote your plumbing company.  We use Skype to make videos featuring you.  We will help you construct a list of frequently asked questions for you to answer on video.  Then we will help you construct a list of “should ask” questions.  These are questions you will know.  They are questions customers should ask, but don’t know it.  When you share this information with customers it separates you from your competition as the expert in your field.

Plumber Social Media

SEO Plumber Pro uploads these videos on your YouTube channel page.  We publish the videos in your blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Google Posts.   This not only promotes your business it scores a high seo for your website.  This will move your website to the top of the first page of Google search results.  This will make the phone ring.  You will receive 40-50% of the ready-to-buy-leads that see your company at the number one spot on Google.

Contact us or request a free consultation to find out more about being #1 on Google.