Mobile Optimization for SEO Profits

Mobile Optimization for SEO Profits

How’s Your Mobile Optimization for SEO Profits Working?

When it comes to SEO and ranking high on Google searches for a “plumber” your mobile website needs attention. Google ranks websites on a mobile first basis. That means Google looks at your mobile site first instead of the desktop version to determine your ranking. If your mobile site doesn’t rank high on Google neither does the desktop version of your website. So, SEO attention needs to be directed to your mobile optimization for SEO profits to be possible.

optimize your website for mobile profits

A recent survey showed that a whopping 82% of online local shoppers use a “near me” search. So, it’s a worthy pursuit to rank high or #1 on Google. Here’s a quick way to test the mobile friendliness of your plumbing website. Go to Google’s mobile friendly test by clicking this link. You’ll know immediately if you’re in the game. Then it’s time to find where you’re ranked on Google for the search “plumber near me”. If your website doesn’t appear on the first page of the search you’ve got work to do.

Help Google Find Your Website

When you have an SEO plan to optimize your website you can really increase phone calls for your services. Being #1 for Google searches for “plumber near me” is attainable for you. When you’re #1 on Google you’ll get over 50% of the phone calls from ready-to-buy customers searching for a plumber. Many ready-to-buy customers won’t even visit your website. They’ll just call you from your Google listing, which includes your phone number.

When you optimize your mobile site you’re also optimizing your desktop site. Don’t forget, over 40% of local searches come from desktop computer users. It’s a one-two punch when your rank #1 on Google – mobile and desktop. SEO Plumber Pro can optimize your mobile and desktop websites. You’ll like the results.

Contact us or request a free consultation or quote from SEO Plumber Pro. Be #1 on Google! Mobile and desktop!

Best SEO for Plumbers

Best Plumber in Town is who?

Best Plumber in Town – what does it mean?

Best plumber in town? What exactly does that mean? Is it the most successful plumber in town? Is it the best plumber to work with in town? Who’s the best in your town? And how do you rate who is the best in your town? If you took a poll you might get an accurate result of who the people or customers think is the best. It’s called reputation.

One way to designate your plumbing as the best in town is to rank #1 on Google. When customers search the internet for a “plumber” in your town who comes up #1? If you don’t think this is an accurate way to find the best plumber in town you might be right. But, because customers trust Google to rank plumbing companies on their search result page it may answer that question. At least, we know that the #1 plumbing company on Google gets over 50% of the phone calls from this Google search. That’s huge.

Be #1 on Google

Who’s the Best Plumber according to Google

Google ranks plumbing company websites by evaluating their relevance and value to the customers searching for a plumber. The website with the best content and helpful information will rank #1 in simple terms. Google is like a third party evaluator with recommendations to the customer searching for a plumber. Google is very trusted, so most customers call the #1 plumbing company on Google. When your plumbing company is also #1 on Google Maps this adds up to a huge response by customers. Over 50%.

Being #1 on Google is a perception. It implies that your plumbing company is the best result for a customer searching for a plumber in your town. Whether this is true or not is up to you. Being #1 on Google gives you the best opportunity to work for customers who call you. Interested in this opportunity? If so, contact SEO Plumber or request a consultation .

Goog;e Voice Search

Plumber Voice Search

Voice Search for Local Plumbers

Voice search for local plumbers is here. Yes, customers are now searching for local plumbers using voice devices. They have a quite some time. But, it’s not as big as it’s going to get soon. So, it’s predicted that by 2020 50% of all local searches be voice searches. That will be more than desktops and mobile phones combined. That’s how big voice search will be very soon. Are you ready for that?

Voice Search tells who is the #1 Plumber on Google

Seo Plumber Pro recently tested a few voice searches for local plumbers. By asking Alexa for a plumber in a city we got a singular response. Alex said the #1 plumber on Google and that was it. As apposed to searching on a desktop or mobile device that would show at least 3 plumbers. A desktop will give you the top 10 plumbing companies on a Google search in your city. This shows how critical it is to be #1 on Google searches for a plumber in your city.

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How Plumbers can Prepare for Voice Search

Plumbers need to improve their SEO to compete for voice search results. That means it’s more important than ever to be #1 on Google. If you are serious about increasing the number of phone calls to your plumbing company you need to get busy now. You need to either hire a SEO company or have it done in-house by an SEO expert. The plumbing company that is #1 on Google gets over 50% of the calls from customers searching for a plumber in your city or town.

SEO Plumber Pro could be a perfect fit for your plumbing company. We are focused on voice searches now. And, of course, we will be laser focused on voice search in the future. Voice search is growing fast. It’s a huge part of the future for plumbing companies that want to grow. Call SEO Plumber Pro at 707-928-0400 or request a quote or consultation.