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Google PageRank for Plumbers

Google PageRank for Plumbers

Google PageRank for plumbers is what being #1 on Google is all about. PageRank is the name of Google’s algorithm. Here’s Google’s definition of PageRank. PageRank (PR) is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank web pages in their search engine results. It was named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages.” So, there’s your answer next time somebody asks you, “what is Google’s algorithm?” Just say PageRank.

For plumbers the real question is how do you get your website to rank #1 on Google? The answer is simply good or great content. Therefore, make your website the most relevant and informative website for ready-to-buy plumbing customers. Write about your plumbing company, but write about it for your customer’s benefit. Answer questions you know your customer’s want answers to when they search for a plumber. PageRank analyzes your content and it determines, to a great degree, where you rank on Google.

Google PageRank for Plumbers

SEO Plumber Pro Knows PageRank

SEO Plumber knows PageRank. We create content for our plumbing clients to make them #1 on Google. Therefore, SEO Plumber Pro writes or rewrites your current content to make it relevant for SEO. We optimize your photos and videos or create videos for you with our SEO formula. This is only part of what we do for you, but is vitally important to have optimized content to rank #1 on Google.

The objective is to beat your competition and rank #1 on Google. When a ready-to-buy customer searches for a “plumber” in your town you want to be #1 on the Google results page. As a result, you’ll get over 50% of all of the phone calls. This is a game changer. To find out more about how to get an ROI of well over 1000% contact SEO Plumber Pro or request a free consultation.

SEO Search Ranking

The Best Ready-To-Buy Web Leads for Plumbers

Ready-to-Buy Leads for Plumbers

We all use the internet to search locally for services and products we need and can buy quickly and conveniently.  This includes plumbers and plumbing companies.  When a homeowner suddenly needs a plumbers help most use a local Google search for plumbers in their city or area.  So, this creates a market with the best ready-to-buy web leads for plumbers.   But, in order for plumbers to take advantage of ready-to-buy web leads you need to be ranked high for local Google searches in their city.

To truly take advantage of the local Google searches a plumbing company needs to rank in the top three for plumbers in your city.  So, if you rank #3 you get about 10% of the ready-to-buy web leads for plumbers.  If you rank #2 you get around 18% of the leads.  If you rank #1 you get at least 40% of the ready-to-buy web leads for plumbers.  You need to go for #1.

Good SEO Pays Off for Plumbers

If your plumbing company also ranks #1 on Google Maps you can get over 50% of all the ready-to-buy leads for plumbers in your city.  SEO Plumber Pro has been able to to reach the #1 spot on Google result pages for plumbers in their city in every case.  So, listen closely to a plumber we made #1 in his city and local area.

SEO Plumber Pro is a do-it-for-you company.  We have 15 years of experience in content marketing.  Content Marketing is the cornerstone for success in winning the local Google search game.  SEO Plumber Pro will optimize your website or build you a new WordPress website to maximize your ranking on Google.  SEO Plumber Pro also builds your social media network.  Facebook, Twitter, Google Posts and YouTube are essential for your success.

To find out more about being #1 in local Google searches in your city and getting over 50% of all the ready-to-buy web leads call us at 707-928-0400.  You can also request a quote.

SEO Search Ranking

SEO Photo File Names

Strategy before SEO

You have devised your internet marketing strategy to capture and convert leads into sales, customers or clients.  So, now you need to make sure your plumbing company website ranks #1 locally.  That means ranking locally for your keywords, which should directly correlate to your biggest profit centers. Using Santa Rosa, California as an example, if you’re a plumber you want to rank #1 for the search, “Santa Rosa plumber”. We know this is a common search.  When we start to type it in the search bar because Google finishes typing it before we do in the drop down menu. Don’t worry, we’ll get to SEO photo file names in a bit.

SEO for The Searchers

In this search example of “Santa Rosa plumber” we must consider who is entering this search. It could be a homeowner, who has a plumbing problem.  A consumer searching for a plumber to perform service would most likely search for “Santa Rosa plumber”. You want to rank #1 for this search if you’re looking to increase work for your service department. In the search for “Santa Rosa plumber” most of the searches will probably be from homeowners.

SEO Photo File Names  

So, let’s stick to the ‘Santa Rosa plumber” example here and look at some of the finer details that will help you reach the #1 ranking locally. One of the finer points in SEO for internet marketing is the use of photos to attract attention and response on the internet. What makes that point even finer is the SEO photo file names attached to the photo. Yes, everything counts, when Google is indexing internet information. Using photos with SEO photo file names that include keywords gives you another edge in SEO.  So, photos with keywords in the file name that match the content boost your SEO score.

Call SEO Plumber Pro at 707-928-0400 to find out how you can get 50% of the ready-to-buy leads in your city for Google searches for “plumber” or go here to get a quote!

Google Page One Google Search Ranking

Page one on Google

Page One on Google

Tons of plumber SEO companies claim they can get local businesses on “page one on Google” for local searches.  That sounds great!  But, ask a business owner what that will do for his company and it gets a little dicey.  So, being on “page one on Google” for local searches will give you better exposure and visibility than being on page two.  But, hardly anyone goes to page two in a local search.  That’s just a fact.  Less than 10% on website click-throughs come from page two on Google.

So, what is so special about “page one on Google?”  Rankings spot #1 is extremely special.  Approximately 35% of visitors to a SERP (search engine results page) click on the #1 ranked business in a local business niche search.  The #2 spot gets about 15% of the website click-throughs.  Spot #3 gets about 10%.  Spot #4 gets around 8%.  And spot #5 get about 5%.  The #6 through #10 spots get less than 3-4% each.  So, just being on “page one on Google” is a myth of success unless you’re #1.

Google Maps

You can see that the true value of “page one Google” is being #1 on “page one Google.”  The other important ranking that most SEO companies rarely mention is Google Maps.  For every competitive local search Google shows a Google Map with anywhere from two to seven business listings.  This critical because people like to see locations of businesses in reference to where they may reside.  This tells a search visitor what company is close to home or how far they may have to travel to get to the business they choose.

Google Search Domination

SEO Plumber Pro specializes in local Google search domination.  We have been able to achieve #1 rankings for our local plumbing clients in the organic search rankings and Google Maps.  This can yield over 50% of the leads from a local search for a main keyword in your business niche.  So, this has lead to an ROI of 500% or more for our clients.

Call us at 707-928-0400 or us the contact form below to find out how your business can dominate the local organic Google search results with over 60% of the leads from those plumbing company searches.  You can go here to get a quote.

SEO Companies

We Don’t Like SEO Companies, either…

SEO Companies?

Are you as tired as we are from hearing the term, SEO?  How about SEO Companies?  And SEO Companies that promise that they can get you on page one of Google?

The term SEO has been around for about 10 years.  It stands for “search engine optimization”.  It was the first internet marketing term that was spread around into the business community.  It defines the process of optimizing your website so people can find you on the internet.  The original process included optimizing keywords that described who you were and what your business did.

Basic SEO

The basics of SEO also include the basic info of your business.  Displaying your business name, address and phone number in the footer of each page of your website was essential.  Another big play for SEO companies was, and still is for many, creating backlinks.

Backlinks are links from influential websites in, or related to, your company and/or your industry.  The theory here is that if big time websites with name recognition and a lot of traffic link to your website it would act as a recommendation or validation of your website and your business.

Then Google will reward your website with a higher ranking if you have enough of these backlinks.  The truth is Google cares way more about your YouTube video marketing and Google Posts.  Why?  First of all, Google owns these two social media assets.  Second, YouTube and Google Posts have a shelf life that you can control.  Backlinks are somewhat outdated and certainly weaker than Google properties for these obvious reasons.

The Hollow Promise of SEO Companies

The promise of SEO companies that they will get you on page one of Google using mainly these tactics is what we don’t like.  It’s outdated and unless you are #1 on page one of Google you won’t get what you paid for even if it’s a low ball price.  We consistently clobber all of the SEO companies we go up against.

SEO Plumber Pro

These basics website optimizations are still valid, but SEO is about 30% of what we do.  We are an internet marketing company.  Our internet marketing includes effective website content, a social media network for your plumbing company, video marketing, email marketing and crafted digital messages scheduled and launched to interact with prospects and customers.

Our bottom line of internet marketing is aligned with your bottom line for your plumbing company.  We have provided the very best lead generation for our plumbing company clients that has resulted in 500% ROI for them.

Our Google Search Domination strategy positions our plumbing company clients in the #1 spot on Google searches for their city, their industry and their products and services.  It also positions our clients #1 on Google Maps in their city.  We only work with one client per city, per industry.  Could that be you?  If so, call us at 707-928-0400 or fill out the form to ask questions or get a quote right here!

Google Search Ranking Plumber SEO Plumbing Video Marketing SEO Companies

SEO Plumber Pro Company

SEO Plumber Pro Company

Go with the SEO Plumber Pro Company

The SEO Plumber Pro Company is a dynamic SEO company dedicated to helping plumbers and plumbing companies get the best ready-to-buy internet customers in your town and service area.   SEO Plumber Pro works with only one plumber or plumbing company in each U.S. town.   We help your plumbing company compete and beat your competition in the Google search results for “plumber” or “plumbing” in your town.

SEO Plumber Pro Company, formerly known as Plumbers Only Marketing, uses old school content delivery and cutting edge technology to get your plumbing company to the top of the search engine results page in you city.  We use information about your company to build an online profile for your plumbing company on the internet.

SEO Plumber Pro in Action

SEO Plumber Pro takes your website to another level.  We will build a new Word Press website for your company, if necessary, and it will be included in your monthly marketing payment at no extra charge.  We will also build or modify for social media network to include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+.

SEO Plumber Pro uses video marketing to promote your plumbing company.  We use Skype to make videos featuring you.  We will help you construct a list of frequently asked questions for you to answer on video.  Then we will help you construct a list of “should ask” questions.  These are questions you will know.  They are questions customers should ask, but don’t know it.  When you share this information with customers it separates you from your competition as the expert in your field.

Plumber Social Media

SEO Plumber Pro uploads these videos on your YouTube channel page.  We publish the videos in your blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Google Posts.   This not only promotes your business it scores a high seo for your website.  This will move your website to the top of the first page of Google search results.  This will make the phone ring.  You will receive 40-50% of the ready-to-buy-leads that see your company at the number one spot on Google.

Contact us or request a free consultation to find out more about being #1 on Google.