Competition Analysis for Plumber SEO

Competition Analysis for Plumber SEO

How Do You Perform Competition Analysis for Your Plumber SEO?

When you’re setting out to organize your SEO effort to rank highest on Google you need to analyze your competition. So, how do you do this? First you look at who is ranking highest for the Google search of “plumber near me” and “plumber”. This is your local plumber market competition. The search engine results, 90% of which are Google results, show the top 10 website results on page one of Google. So, now you can see your competitor’s websites that you must beat to reach the top spot on Google. You’re ready for competition analysis for plumber SEO you can use to win.

Competition Analysis for Plumber SEO

First of all, you need to look at your competitor’s technical SEO, Content and links. Your competition has put together an SEO strategy of content, links and a crawlable website. In most cases there are weaknesses in one or more of these areas of your competitor’s SEO strategy. It’s your job to find these weaknesses and excel beyond them with own website SEO in these areas.

Put Your Plumbing Industry Knowledge to Work

You know the plumbing industry. So, by looking at a competitors on-page website content you can see if any of it is outdated. You can also determine if they have gone into enough detail to cover the subject properly. Is the content of your competitor easy to read? These are all areas in which you can beat the competitor, who is ranking highest on Google, if they are not up to snuff.

Checking your competitor’s links can be done with SEO tools. Majestic or Ahrefs are two you can use. So, how many links do they have? What’s their link history? How about good links with .gov or .org? You can check your competitor’s page speed with websites like Pingdom. Check your own page speed while your at it. A loading time of under 2 seconds is good. So, how you compare to the top dog on Google. There are ways to increase your page speed. Hiring a professional SEO company that specializes in plumbers is one way. Just make sure you feel confident that you’ll get an excellent ROI with your choice.

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Do-It-for-You SEO

Do-It-for-You SEO

Do-It-for-You SEO Services Can be the Way to Go

So, you’re running your plumbing company and you have zero time for anything else. Sound familiar? But, the phone isn’t ringing as much as you’d like. The fastest way to get the best ready-to-buy customers is to be ranked highest on Google for the search word “plumber”. When you’re ranked highest on Google you’ll get the most calls from ready-to-buy customers searching Google for a “plumber” or “plumber near me”. SO, do-it-for-you SEO services can be the way to go.

Do-It-for-You SEO

Finding a good SEO company that specializes in plumbers is recommended over a general SEO company. Plumber SEO companies can work on their own because they are, or should be, familiar with the plumbing business. And they should know how to market a plumbing company best. For instance, SEO Plumber Pro has over 20 years of experience working with plumbing companies.

SEO Plumber Pro

Beware of SEO companies that charge $200-300 per month. You will get no ROI. Do we need to repeat that? The price range for good SEO should be between $500 and $1,000 per month depending on the size of your market. The important factor is ROI. The best ROI comes from ranking highest on Google for your top keywords. Aside from “plumber” you your profit centers like “water heaters” to rank highest. This takes time, of course. So, a good SEO company should be able to deliver results in 6 months or less. We target 90 to 120 days for you to rank highest for “plumber”.

SEO Plumber Pro works with plumbing clients in this way. We interview you about your company to gather the information we need to produce content. That’s about all we ask you to do. But, with our experience we can bypass a myriad for annoying questions about your plumbing company and we cut right to the chase. This makes it easier for you. You won’t have to spend a lot of time with us. That’s part of our appeal. Above all, we save you time and make you money. We’ve ranked all of our plumbing clients highest on Google. We’re your do-it-for-you SEO plumbing company.

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Google rankings for plumbers

Do We Trust Google?

Why Do We Trust Google?

Do we trust Google? In other words are the Google rankings on the up and up? We’d never really considered anything otherwise until we saw an SEO article asking that very question. Just for the record and based on our experience we trust Google. But, in the SEO article there were some SEO experts who had interesting things to say about Google and Google rankings. One comment that stood out was the fact that Google is a private company and therefore it can do what it wants to do with it’s product and it’s rankings.

Do We Trust Google

On the other hand think about the trust Google has built with the public, who use Google 90% to search any topic they desire. And as for plumbers , who are ranked on Google, there is a trust by the public to use Google to search for a plumber. Google would seem to have a much higher trust factor than say, Yelp. We only use Yelp as an example because they are a well known messenger for bad reviews that many merchants find problematic. But, let’s concentrate on Google here because it’s the most used search method for the public when ready-to-buy customers search for a plumber.

Be #1 on Google & Google Maps

When you’re #1 on Google and Google Maps you’ll get over 50% of all the phone calls from ready-to-buy customers searching for a plumber in your town and service area. We’ve shown how we arrived at this percentage in a previous blog. When you work with SEO Plumber Pro this adds up to an ROI of well over 1000%. Ready-to-buy customers trust Google. Maybe they see Google as a trusted third party review site. Above all, Google doesn’t seem to have many detractors when it comes to Google rankings. So, being #1 on Google holds a prestige with the public. It also holds profits for plumbers who are #1 on Google and Google Maps.

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Google Search Reviews Plumbers

Google Search for Best Plumbers

Many ready-to buy customers search for a plumber in their town with Google. Google ranks the “plumber, town” searches or the “plumber near me” searches, for example. Ready-to buy customers click or call the #1 result, especially if it’s a plumbing company in their town. Many times Yelp or some other directory will appear in the #1 spot. This is just another list of plumbing companies in your town. That’s means more sorting and choosing for the ready-to-buy customer. Google search reviews plumbers more thoroughly.

So, what if your plumbing company was #1 on Google and Google Maps in your town? You’d get over 50% of all the phones calls from ready-to-buy customers, who need a plumber now. This is a game changer for you. You’ll get better customers, who spend more money, too. It’s the fastest way to get the best ready-to-buy customers on the internet.

Listen to a plumber share his results from being #1 on Google with SEO Plumber Pro

Google is a Trusted Source of Plumbers

There are many review site like Yelp, for instance. About 20% of ready-to-buy customers want to look at reviews when shopping for a plumber. But, 80% of ready-to-buy customers, who are searching the net, will search for the #1 plumber on Google and judge for themselves whether to hire you or not after they call you. They realize that Google has determined that you are the best choice. That’s why they have ranked you #1 on Google. Besides that, Google has determined that your reviews are good enough to rank you #1 on Google. Reviews are part of Google’s algorithm in ranking plumbers on page one, but not nearly the only factor.

So, reviews are import, but in most cases they are just part of the algorithm that makes you #1 on Google. Google search reviews plumbers at a higher level. Good, useful and informative plumber websites rule the day on Google. And being #1 on Google is a goldmine of ready-to-buy customers for your plumbing company.

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keywords for plumbers local search for plumbers search terms for plumbers

Search Terms for Plumbers

Search Terms for Plumbers

Search terms for plumbers are the lifeblood of online local search. And local search is the goldmine for ready-to-buy plumbing customers in your town and service area. When a ready-to buy customer searches for a “plumber” in your town they will call the #1 listed plumbing company on Google over 50% of the time. Those are great odds for getting new business. Being #1 on Google will generate an ROI of well over 1000%.

Some search terms for plumbers are worth more than others. The best search terms for you are “plumber”, “plumbing”, “plumbing company”. Even if a ready-to-buy customer has a “clogged drain” they will most likely search for a “plumber”. If they search for “clogged drain” they will get products solutions like Drano. If they search for “clogged drain, Sacramento”, for instance, they will get companies that unclog drains. Roto Rooter will most likely be #1. But, you could beat Roto Rooter for this secondary keyword.

search terms for plumbers

Keywords for Plumbers

Search terms are keywords for plumbers. When we do keyword research for your plumbing company we are looking for search terms for you. SEO Plumber Pro knows that the best keywords are the search terms most ready-to-buy customers are using. Ready-to-buy plumbing customers most often search for a “plumber” in your town when they need a plumber. This is the hardest keyword to rank for because it’s the most often searched for term. So, we know that it brings the most ready-to-buy customers to the search results page for “plumber” in your town.

So, when you rank #1 for the search term “plumber” you will get the most calls from ready-to-buy customers. It sounds simple and it is simple. But, most SEO companies will try for secondary search terms like “clogged drain” because it’s easier to rank for this search term. Trouble is your results will be far less successful getting the most ready-to-buy customers calling you. SEO Plumber Pro goes for the best search terms for you on day one when we work with you. That way you get over 50% of all the calls for the best keyword, “plumber” in your town

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Plumber SEO

One Great Plumber Per Town

Only One Great Plumber Per Town

One great plumber per town.  It’s a simple formula.  SEO Plumber Pro works with only one great plumber per town.  Why?  We don’t want your plumbing company competing with any of our other plumbing clients.  Our goal is to take you to the top of page one on Google.  So, we can’t work with even two plumbers in the same town.  We focus totally on your plumbing company.  That’s part of our winning formula to get you and ROI of over 1000%.

One Plumber will be #1 on Google

One great plumber per town will be #1 on Google.  Just one.  When your plumbing company works with SEO Plumber Pro we compete against your plumbing company competition.  We beat your competition to the #1 spot on page one of Google.  When you’re plumbing company is #1 on Google for searches like “plumber (your town)” you over 50% of the ready-to-buy plumbing customers.  These are ready-to-buy plumbing customers searching for a plumber in your town.  This is the fastest and best way to get new plumbing customers.  Your goal should be to make them lifetime plumbing customers.

One Plumber and it Could be You

Greatness should be our goal in our work and life.  To be great at one thing is plenty.  But, it’s very fulfilling.  If your plumbing company is doing great work and our SEO company is doing great work that’s a great combination for success.  Even if we are both in the “very good work” mode we will succeed.  We will beat your plumbing company competition to #1 on Google.  Here’s one of our plumbing company clients, who reached #1 on Google.

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Plumber SEO

Plumbers Don’t Care About Click Throughs

Plumbers Don’t Care About Click-Throughs

Plumbers don’t care about click-throughs.  Why should they?  What plumbers care about is how often the phone is ringing with ready-to-buy plumbing customers.   SEO Plumber Pro doesn’t care about click-through rates, either.  SEO Plumber Pro, like you, cares most about how often you phone is ringing with ready-to-buy plumbing customers.  Here’s why.  Click-through rates measure how many people click-through to your website.   This is the story of being on page one for Google searches and making your phone ring.  There is a difference.

What Being #1 on Page One Means to Your Plumbing Company

Google searches for “plumber, your town” are the fastest way to get your phone to ring if you are #1 on page one.  When somebody is searching for “plumber, your town” they are looking for your help with a plumbing problem or challenge.  If you are #1 on page one for Google searches for “plumber, your town” you will get 50% of all the ready-to-buy plumbing customers looking for a plumber in your town calling you.  How do you get that 50% market share?  You must be #1 on Google.  The click-through rate for #1 is 33%.  That’s 3 times higher than the 11% click-through rate for being #2 on page one.  But, 33% going to your website is only a part of the 50% of ready-to-buy plumbing customers.  Here’s why.

Many Ready-To-Buy Plumbing Customers Call Without Going to Your Website

When ready-to-buy plumbing customers find you at #1 on page one they see your phone number in your listing.  Instead of going to your website they just pick up the phone and call you from your listing.  We estimate about half will call instead of going to your website.  That’s about 17%.  The total would be 50% of the ready-to-buy plumbing customers contacting you from being #1 on page one.

Watch this video and listen to one of our clients tell you what he got from being #1 on page one of Google.  He never mentions click-through rates.

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Plumbing Video Marketing

Plumber Broadcast Expertise

Plumber Broadcast Expertise

Plumbers are experts in plumbing.  And plumbers have studied and have experienced all different kinds of plumbing challenges.  But, who knows which plumbers are the most knowledgeable?  Especially if your a plumber who doesn’t really promote your expertise.  Plumber broadcast expertise!  So, here’s a way to do it and get ready-to-buy customers from it.

Video Marketing for Plumbers

SEO Plumber Pro has a proven system to broadcast your plumbing expertise.  So first, you need to make a list of 3 to 5 frequently asked questions.  Next, you need to make a list of 3 to 5 “should ask questions”.  These are questions that your customers should ask you, but they don’t have the knowledge to know those those questions.  So, these SAQs separate you from your competition.  They show your customers that you are the exert in your field.  SEO Plumber Pro helps you make short videos with the answers to these FAQs and SAQs.

Broadcast Your Plumbing Expertise

After we help you make the videos SEO Plumber Pro uploads your videos to your YouTube channel.  SEO Plumber Pro builds your social media network.  It includes YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Then we distribute your videos on social media.  So, this gives your customers a place to view your videos.  They will see you are the expert.  So, this makes them more likely to call you.  The other thing it does is increase your SEO score to help you reach #1 on Google for searches of plumbers in your city or town.

SEO Plumber Pro Makes You #1 on Google

Your plumbing videos are just part of what we do to make you #1 on Google.  You get over 50% of the ready-to-buy plumbing customers when you are #1 on Google.  Here’s a plumber we worked with.

If you are interested in getting over 50% of the ready-to-buy customers looking for a plumber in your city or town call us at 707-928-0400 or ask for a quote.

Google Page One Google Search Ranking

Page one on Google

Page One on Google

Tons of plumber SEO companies claim they can get local businesses on “page one on Google” for local searches.  That sounds great!  But, ask a business owner what that will do for his company and it gets a little dicey.  So, being on “page one on Google” for local searches will give you better exposure and visibility than being on page two.  But, hardly anyone goes to page two in a local search.  That’s just a fact.  Less than 10% on website click-throughs come from page two on Google.

So, what is so special about “page one on Google?”  Rankings spot #1 is extremely special.  Approximately 35% of visitors to a SERP (search engine results page) click on the #1 ranked business in a local business niche search.  The #2 spot gets about 15% of the website click-throughs.  Spot #3 gets about 10%.  Spot #4 gets around 8%.  And spot #5 get about 5%.  The #6 through #10 spots get less than 3-4% each.  So, just being on “page one on Google” is a myth of success unless you’re #1.

Google Maps

You can see that the true value of “page one Google” is being #1 on “page one Google.”  The other important ranking that most SEO companies rarely mention is Google Maps.  For every competitive local search Google shows a Google Map with anywhere from two to seven business listings.  This critical because people like to see locations of businesses in reference to where they may reside.  This tells a search visitor what company is close to home or how far they may have to travel to get to the business they choose.

Google Search Domination

SEO Plumber Pro specializes in local Google search domination.  We have been able to achieve #1 rankings for our local plumbing clients in the organic search rankings and Google Maps.  This can yield over 50% of the leads from a local search for a main keyword in your business niche.  So, this has lead to an ROI of 500% or more for our clients.

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