Google Maps for pumbers

Plumber Ranking or Google Maps

Which is Better Plumber Ranking or Google Maps?

In an ideal world it would be great to rank highest for both Google organic search and Google Maps. But, if you start an aggressive SEO program you’ll reach one of these first before the other. So, which gets the best results. Is it plumber ranking or Google Maps? For the top search term keywords, “plumber” and “plumber near me” you’ll see who ranks highest on organic Google results. You’ll also see the Google Maps 3-Pack. Google Maps is usually situated at the top of the Google results page. The ads are just above the Google Map and the Google organic rankings just below the Google Map. So, ready-to-buy customers see the three plumbers listed on Google Maps first.

Plumber Ranking or Google Maps

The Google Maps 3-pack gives you excellent positioning on page one of Google results for “plumber near me” searches. But, there are no official statistics for click-through rates (CTR) to websites for Google Maps. This is mystifying to many SEO experts. The Google organic results ranking, which shows the top 10 websites has CTR for all ten. When you’re ranked #1 on Google organic results you get a 30-35% CTR. When you’re #2 you get an 18-24% CTR. The #3 position get 12-16%. And as a plumber you actually get more phone calls than click-throughs to your website. That’s because many ready-to-buy customers just call from your Google listing phone number instead of clicking through to your website. So, that’s a huge increase in direct response for you from customers.

Google Ranking Competition

The ultimate SEO goal is to rank #1 for organic Google results for “plumber” and “plumber near me” searches. Your biggest competition comes from Yelp, which tends to #1 in every market unless challenged. Our theory is that you can beat Yelp to the #1 spot on Google. You have a local address. Yelp does not. Google needs to respect local businesses that have excellent SEO. So, it is possible to beat Yelp to #1 on Google. We’ve done it for our plumbing clients. But, realistically, you may rank in the Google Maps 3-Pack before you get to #1 for organic Google results. As we said earlier this is excellent positioning for you. You will got a good ROI from your Google Maps listing.

You’ll get an excellent ROI when you reach the highest ranking on Google and Google Maps. The combination of organic Google results and Google Maps will pay off big when you rank highest for both.

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Plumber SEO in 2020

Plumber SEO in 2020

Time to Analyze Plumber SEO in 2020

We are three months into the new year and it’s time to analyze plumber SEO in 2020. The internet is ever changing and if you’re at all interested in increasing your business you should pay attention. Local search is bigger than ever. About 50% of all Google searches are local searches. Above all, 88% of local searches are searches for local businesses. That’s huge. Nothing compares to it. For plumbers this is noteworthy because the only time a person searches for a plumber is when they need a plumber.

Ranking highest on Google is more important than ever for plumbers. Google organic results and Google Maps are two huge sources for ready-to-buy customers. Customers tend to want a plumber nearby. They believe they will get faster service from a nearby plumber. That’s why you must optimize your Google assets to get that business. What more do you want than a ready-to-buy customer calling you from a location near your shop? Local Google search is bigger than it’s ever been for plumbers in 2020.

Mobile & Voices Searches

Mobile local search is bigger than ever in 2020. About 60% of all Google searches are made from mobile devices. So, how is your mobile website looking these days? This is really critical if you hope to get customers calling you. Your mobile website must be optimized. Your website must load fast. If your mobile site doesn’t load within 3 seconds your visitors leave before engaging with you. That’s the new standard in the short attention span era. You can check to see if your website is mobile-friendly here.

By the end of 2020 it’s estimated that 50% of all Google searches will be voice searches. So, how does this affect you? We’ve tested Alexa and Siri and we’ve found an exclusive way for you to gain customers. When we asked Alexa to find a plumber near us the voice answer gave the top ranked website on the Google organic search page. If that’s you website your phone will be ringing all day long. So, it’s more important than ever to rank highest on Google. That means you must have great SEO. Perhaps you should consider hiring a reasonably priced SEO company that specializes in plumbers. Just make sure you feel confident that your SEO company can deliver an excellent ROI.

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Facts About Local SEO

Facts About Local SEO

Facts About Local SEO Show High Demand

For those of you wondering how important local internet search is to your plumbing company here are some facts. 60% of American adults conduct searches for local services or product information on tablets and smartphones. 50 % of searchers on their mobile phones who conduct local searches are looking for things like a local business address. 78% of local-based searches on a mobile device end in purchases being made offline. These facts about local SEO were compiled by the Search Engine Journal.

Facts About Local SEO

The Search Engine Journal also listed the industries that benefit most from local search. Lawyers and law firms, doctors and medical practices, plumbers and restaurants are at the top their list. Here’s what the Search Engine Journal says about plumbers. “Think about it: when someone has an emergency involving plumbing, are they going directly to the store? No, they usually go to Google to search for a “plumber near me”. The Google search results provide an easy way for someone to call a plumber
directly, read reviews, and access local plumbers immediately if they have such an emergency.”

Rank Highest on Google for a Great ROI

The Search Engine Journal basically echoes what we have been telling you for quite some time. The only time anybody searches for a plumber is when they need a plumber. We’ve also written about how customers forget plumbing companies they have used in the past. Even when a customer is happy with a plumber they’ve used they tend to forget their name. It’s mostly due to the passage of time in between visits from a plumber. So, Google search is where most ready-to-buy customers go to find a plumber.

Great plumber SEO is the key to rising to the highest Google organic results and Google Maps. You might want to think about hiring a SEO company that specializes in plumbers.

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Affordable Plumber SEO

Great Affordable Plumber SEO

Look for Great Affordable Plumber SEO

When shopping for an SEO company for your plumbing company here are some things to consider. First of all, you need to know the standard SEO pricing. Secondly, you should look for an SEO company that specializes in plumbing companies. This is a niche market. There are caveats about plumbing that your SEO company needs to be aware of to make you successful online. The industry standard for local SEO ranges from $500 per month to $1000. The price range for your plumbing company depends on what market you are located in. The larger the market the more SEO companies charge. Most medium sized markets cost around $600-700 per month. Great affordable plumber SEO is a challenge to find.

Great Affordable Plumber SEO

The main thing you should be asking is “what do I get for the money I’m spending?”. The ROI must justify the investment. So, beware of SEO companies that only charge $100-200 per month. These companies will work to “improve your online visibility” but, you won’t see any gains in phone calls. We believe that phone calls are the most important thing an SEO company can produce for a plumbing company. Nobody calls a p[lumber unless they need a plumber. That’s the general rule and you know that already. So, an SEO company must increase the number of ready-to-buy customers calling you.

Rank Highest on Google

The way to increase the number of ready-to-buy customers calling you is to rank highest for “plumber” searches. This is the whole SEO game for us. Your Google ranking determines how many customers will call you. You have to rank at least #3 on Google for “plumber near me” searches to get a return on SEO. The goal is to rank #1 on Google.

We don’t guarantee a #1 ranking for your plumbing company on Google. But, we’ve done it with all of our plumbing customers over the years. You’ll get the most calls from ready-to-buy customers when you’re #1 on Google. The ROI is excellent when you’re #1 on Google.

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Content Guidelines for Plumbers Plumbing Headings for SEO

Use Plumbing Headings for SEO

You Need to Use Plumbing Headings for SEO

When you build a good plumbing website you need good structure for two good reasons. The first reason is to help your users and customers. Good site structure gives customers a better idea of your capabilities. Remember that’s all customers care about. “How can you help me” is the customer mantra. They only visit your website when they need a plumber. SEO is other reason for a well structured website. The easier Google can see what you do and how you do it, the higher you’re going to rank for “plumber” searches. So, use good plumbing headings for SEO and to help your customers.

Use Plumbing Headings for SEO

Plumber headings for pages and paragraphs are a road map for SEO robots and your customers. They tell everybody what your talking about. So, here’s an example of a heading. “We sell, install and repair water heaters” This is a good heading for your water heater page on your website. Saying you sell water heaters can solve a lot of problems for a ready-to-buy customer. So, if you’ve optimized your water heater service page well enough you can show up on top of the Google rankings for “water heater” searches. A lot of customers think they have to go to Home Depot to buy a water heater. Wouldn’t they rather have a professional plumber install a brand new water heater than Home Depot?

Get a Structured Website

The key to getting new and better customers with your website is to have it structured properly. So, you must do this just to be in the game. Your goal is to be ranked highest on Google for “plumber near me” searches. Then you can work on your profit centers. You can get your profit center keywords ranked highest, too. “Water heaters”, “radiant heating” and “boiler service” are examples of profit center keywords and phrases. You can rank highest for these keyword searches. Your headings for these pages need to reflect your keywords. Then your content follows with organized structure also.

SEO Plumber Pro can do all of this for you. Then you can concentrate on serving your growing customer base.

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Google Results Page for Plumbers SERP

Google Results Page for Plumbers

Google Results Page for Plumbers is the Money Page

When a ready-to-buy plumbing customer searches for a “plumber” the Google results page come up. Any search engine results page (SERP) has the top results from the keyword word or phrase searched. The “plumber” or “plumber near me” search is always a location search. Google knows that users searching for a “plumber” want a plumbing company. So, here’s what the SERP for “plumber” looks like. There are 3 or 4 Google ads at the top. Then the Google Maps results. The Google Maps 3-pack typically shows 3 plumbers in the town the search originates from. Below that are the organic top ten websites. The Google results page for “plumbers” is where your ready-to buy customers come from.

Google Results Page for Plumbers

The pay-per click ads on the page one SERP get about 2% of the click throughs. Google Maps get more than that but statistics are not available for Google Map click throughs to websites. What is known is that plumbing companies ranked highest for organic search are shown on Google Maps in the highest position, too. The #1 organic position gets about a 35% click through rate (CTR). So, to rank highest in the organic search has a huge influence on Google Maps, too.

SEO is the Key to Success on Google

You can rank #1 for both Google organic and Google Maps. This is regardless of your location. Google reasons that the top organic websites usually have what the users is searching for. This isn’t always true for the plumbing company that is actually closest to the user or customer’s location. Got that? Google Maps shows the plumbing website with the best SEO in the #1 position.

SEO is the determining factor of your rankings on Google. To be ranked highest on Google and Google Maps you need the best SEO. You’re mostly competing with the directories and review sites. Yelp, Home Advisor and Angie’s List are the usual suspects. But, you can beat them. They don’t have local addresses and you do. Google favors local businesses in in local search. You just have to have great plumber SEO. Maybe you should hire a pro plumber SEO company.

Contact us or request a free consultation or quote from SEO Plumber Pro. Get the best plumber SEO and rank highest on google and Google Maps.


More Content Tips for Plumbers

More Content Tips for Plumbers to Boost SEO

Here are some more content tips for plumbers, who want good SEO for their website. We always talk about content. We try to emphasize good or great content. There are two reasons for this. Google needs answers to questions and so do your plumbing customers. That’s what Google has to have for their users. Just think about all the questions you have asked in Google search over the years. The fact is you don’t always get the direct answer to your question. So, that’s Google’s biggest challenge. Google needs a huge reservoir or answers to questions asked by their users. It’s a daunting task.

More Content Tips for Plumbers

Because of Google’s challenge to answer user questions Google has tried to solve this challenge. A big part of your plumber SEO score depends on how well you answer customer question with your content. We’re talking about all of your content. So, your website content. your blog content and your social media content all need to answer questions. You can do this with a good FAQ page, but you need more than that. You need to fashion your content in question answering mode. That’s to say, start out with a customer question and answer it. This works great for your blog and social media because it is ongoing.

Plumber FAQs and SAQs

We have a system we’ve used with plumbing clients to answer customers questions. It’s a combination of FAQs and SAQS (Should Ask Questions). SAQs are questions your customers should ask, but don’t ask. The reason for this is they don’t have your knowledge to ask some technical and trade questions that directly affect them. When you answer the SAQs you show your expertise in plumbing and customers are more likely to do business with you. You’re giving them the inside scoop on plumbing from a plumber’s perspective. You can also make videos with FAQs and SAQs. It’s a great way to get more attention by posting these videos on your blog and social media network.

Here’s an example of a plumber SAQ video

Google also loves SAQs because it helps them give answers to tough plumbing questions. Google rewards your website with a higher SEO score and ranking. Your domain authority rises and your website does, too. That’s one of the ways you get to the top of Google for “plumber near me” searches. The ROI is excellent when you reach the highest ranking on Google, too.

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Write Good Plumber Content

Write Good Plumber Content

How to Write Good Plumber Content

There’s a lot involved in ranking highest on Google. Good plumber content is a really important element. Good plumbing content helps answer customer questions. It also gets you ranked higher on Google. So, those are the two keys to remember when writing for your website and blog. Here’s how to write good plumber content. First of all, for your website, explain how you help customers with the services and products you provide.

Write Good Plumber Content

Tell customers how you perform in ways that benefit the customer. After all, you have plumbing competitors who aren’t doing that. You can be better than your competition by answering questions you customers might have. You know what those customer questions are from years of experience. So, when you share your information your customers trust you more and respect your plumbing expertise. That makes them more likely to do business with you.

Write for Google, Too

Here’s the harder part. Writing for Google. So, you need to use the right keywords that ready-to-buy customers use to search the internet for a local plumber. “Water heaters” is an overlooked keyword. You probably know that many customers think they have to go to Home Depot to buy a water heater. But, if you write good water heater content you can rank highest on Google for “water heaters”. Write about your water heater services and products and it will pay off. Same goes for boilers, radiant heating and backflow testing. So, take the time to structure this content with keyword phrases that customers search for.

You can get a lot of the right keyword phrases from the Google search bar drop down menu. These are keyword phrases that are so common customers just click on them after they write one keyword like boilers. That’s a big tip that your competitors probably don’t know about. So, that’s one way you beat them. You can also hire a professional SEO company that specializes in plumber SEO. SEO Plumber Pro has the experience and knowledge to do all of this for you.

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Be #1 on Google

No Guarantee to be #1 on Google

We have No Guarantee to be #1 on Google

We don’t guarantee to make your plumbing website #1 on Google. But, we’ve succeeded with all of our plumbing clients over the years. Early on we worked with a large plumbing company. This was before social media. In the early 2000s we wrote newsletter for a plumbing client. We did stories on their projects. Our plumbing client did residential and commercial work. They were about 90% new construction and 10% service. They had over 100 employees. So, we did 3 stories every month for their online newsletter. One story on residential, one on commercial and one on the plumbing company. Back then we had no guarantee to be #1 on Google. We still don’t.

No Guarantee to be #1 on Google

What we found with the online newsletter and the website was that we ranked really high on Google for all the profit center keywords. Residential plumbing. commercial plumbing and the company website were all ranked #1 for the big keywords. They ranked #1 for “Santa Rosa plumber”, “residential plumbing”, “commercial plumbing” and so on. Their service company, which had a different name also ranked either #1 or #2 with the parent company name on Google. It was a classic one-two punch. And, of course, any call that came into each company could referred over to the other company through their switchboard.

The Online Newsletter Taught Us Early SEO

No other plumbing company in town had an online newsletter and detailed website like we did back in 2000-2010 period. Our website and newsletter was more than any general contractor in town had at that time. From there we went towards general SEO for any good company that needed SEO. SEO is much more complex now and we’ve kept up with it. Now we have come back to plumbers. Over the last few years we have worked with plumbing companies exclusively. And we’ve made them all #1 on Google in their local markets. What we do is beat your competition. As a matter of fact, our biggest competitor in your market is Yelp. But, since Yelp doesn’t have a local address we can eventual beat them to make you #1 on Google.

When you’re #1 on Google you’ll get over 50% of the calls from ready-to-buy customers searching for a plumber in your town and service area. This includes your Google Maps ranking for searches like “plumber near me”.

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Google Questions and Answers for Plumbers

Google Questions and Answers for Plumbers

Google Questions and Answers for Plumbers is a Key Ranking Factor

When a ready-to-buy customer needs a plumber what do they do? Most search Google. So, what do they search for? Most search for a “plumber near me”. But, customers also use other search terms depending on their plumbing challenge. “Water heater repair” is an example. Google knows that this customer needs a professional plumber to repair the customer’s water heater. So, on the Google results page for “water heater repair” there is a list of plumbing companies in the customer’s area. That’s how Google questions and answers for plumbers works.

Google Questions and Answers for Plumbers

Google has figured out what customers want when customers don’t even ask a question. Google simply assumes the question and gives the answer. We can assume this is a result of millions of searches on their search engine site. Here’s another example. A commercial business customer may search for “backflow testing”. As a result, Google knows that the customer needs help with backflow testing. A list of plumbers, who do backflow testing comes up on the Google results page. And in both cases, water heater repair and backflow testing searches, Google Maps 3- pack shows the locations for the best optimized plumbing websites on these search subjects.

SEO & Ranking High on Google

When you create content that answers customer questions you rise in the Google rankings. Google’s result page gives the best answers for questions that are searched. That’s what Google does. It’s a cornerstone of their success. So, you need to create and optimize your website and social media with the best answers to questions customers ask. FAQS and SAQ (Should Ask Questions) are a great way to do this. SEO Plumber Pro has developed a strategy to do this for you. We can create written content and videos that feature your FAQs and SAQs. Then we distribute it across the internet.

The goal is to rise to #1 on Google for “plumber near me” searches. FAQs and SAQs will add to your rankings for other plumbing searches with the same goal.

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