Plumber SEO Stay #1 on Google

Stay #1 on Google

Once You Get There Stay #1 on Google

We’ve talked about how important it is to be #1 on Google and Google Maps. When you’re #1 you’ll get over 50% of all the phone calls from ready-to-buy customers searching for a plumber online in your town and service area. This includes the click-through rate to your plumbing website, which on average is 35% when you’re #1. Also, you’ll get additional calls from being #1 on Google Maps. Ready-to-buy customers will call you from your Google Maps location when you’re nearby. Add to this the number of ready-to-buy customers who see you at #1 and call from your listing phone number without even going to your website. The total is over 50%. But, the long term success from being #1 only lasts when you stay #1.

Stay #1 on Google

Play the Google Long Game

Once you’ve reached #1 on Google and Google Maps for the most important keyword, which is “plumber”, it’s important to stay #1 to continue getting the most phone calls. Also, when you work with SEO Plumber Pro, we keep added keywords to be #1. These keywords are taken from your profit centers. For example, if you repair, sell and install water heaters, “water heater” is a great keyword for you to be #1. Ready-to-buy water heater customers can become lifetime customers easier when you rank #1 for water heaters.

Another one of your plumbing profit centers might be backflow testing. If you are certified for backflow testing you could #1 for “backflow testing”. This would increase profits in the same way as water heaters.

You don’t want to stop your plumber SEO with SEO Plumber Pro. When you stop your SEO program you will eventually drop out of the #1 spot on Google and Google Maps. That’s when the phone calls will start to fall off. Stay #1 on Google and Google Maps with SEO Plumber Pro.

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