Social Media for Plumbers

Social Media Strategy for Plumbers

Social media strategy for plumbers is simple. You need a social media network to broadcast your marketing message. It starts with your blog. First of all, you need a blog post at least once a week. SEO Plumber Pro provides this service to you. We recommend WordPress as your website platform. WordPress is a blog delivery system. Your blog posts are a constant stream of new content. New content is an essential element to inform customers and increase your SEO score.

Your social media network should consist of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google Posts. We also recommended Pintrest, Instagram and LinkedIn. This is the social media network that SEO Plumber Pro uses to promote your company. We re-posted your blog posts on Facebook and Twitter. We post your Tube videos there also. So, your blog and videos are the primary source of your ongoing content.

Social Media Strategy for Plumbers

SEO Plumber Pro Provides These Services

SEO Plumber Pro provides social media network services to plumbing clients under contract. We value social media because it’s an excellent way to reach customers and increase your SEO score. For instance, you can post personal messages about people and events surrounding your plumbing business on Facebook. We can also use Facebook to post plumbing information including YouTube videos. Twitter is used in the same way. Your YouTube channel is the best place to post videos. Your YouTube videos are viewed and shared across social media.

The key to social media is being consistent. SEO Plumber Pro schedules your social media network to give it consistency. We also have proprietary strategies that we use to make your social media more effective. It’s part of our strategy to make you #1 on Google. To find out more about how to a ROI of well over 1000% contact us or request a free consultation.

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