Internet Plumber SEO SEO Statistics for Plumber

SEO Statistics for Plumbers

Undeniable SEO Statistics for Plumbers

Occasionally we like to look at SEO statistics for plumbers to see if those stats support our business model and really help you. And from what we find there are reasons we make plumbers #1 on Google and Google Maps. Here are a few. 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. And, without a doubt, Google is the #1 search engine in the world with 90% of all searches. 75% of users never scroll to Page 2 of Google. So, being on the first page is essential, but being #1 on Google searches is where the money is.

SEO Statistics for Plumbers

Here’s an eye opener for those plumbers who favor or use pay-per-click ads. 70 – 80% users ignore the paid ads and focus on organic search results. That’s because Google acts as a third party review agent. Google tells you what they think is the best and people tend to believe Google from their online experiences. When you’re #1 on Google people tend to believe you are the best plumber.

SEO is the Way to Go

Here are a few more stats you need to know. In 2017, the average company allocated 45% of their marketing budget to their SEO efforts. So, how much do you allocate for SEO. Are you even in the game? Maybe you should consider getting into the SEO game because your competition probably isn’t even aware of SEO. 40% of all mobile searches are for a local service. That’s right up your alley as a plumber.

50% of mobile searches for local businesses are followed by a visit, a phone call or another type of contact. These are what we call ready-to-buy customers. You’ll get over 50% of the ready-to-buy customers searching for a plumber in your town and service area when you’re #1 on Google and Google Maps. That adds up to an ROI of well over 1000% when you work with SEO Plumber Pro. We think that’s the most important plumber SEO statistic for you to consider.

Contact us or request a free consultation or quote from SEO Plumber Pro. Be #1 on Google and Google Maps.

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