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Strategy before SEO

You have devised your internet marketing strategy to capture and convert leads into sales, customers or clients.  So, now you need to make sure your plumbing company website ranks #1 locally.  That means ranking locally for your keywords, which should directly correlate to your biggest profit centers. Using Santa Rosa, California as an example, if you’re a plumber you want to rank #1 for the search, “Santa Rosa plumber”. We know this is a common search.  When we start to type it in the search bar because Google finishes typing it before we do in the drop down menu. Don’t worry, we’ll get to SEO photo file names in a bit.

SEO for The Searchers

In this search example of “Santa Rosa plumber” we must consider who is entering this search. It could be a homeowner, who has a plumbing problem.  A consumer searching for a plumber to perform service would most likely search for “Santa Rosa plumber”. You want to rank #1 for this search if you’re looking to increase work for your service department. In the search for “Santa Rosa plumber” most of the searches will probably be from homeowners.

SEO Photo File Names  

So, let’s stick to the ‘Santa Rosa plumber” example here and look at some of the finer details that will help you reach the #1 ranking locally. One of the finer points in SEO for internet marketing is the use of photos to attract attention and response on the internet. What makes that point even finer is the SEO photo file names attached to the photo. Yes, everything counts, when Google is indexing internet information. Using photos with SEO photo file names that include keywords gives you another edge in SEO.  So, photos with keywords in the file name that match the content boost your SEO score.

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