SEO Competition is Good

SEO Competition is Good

SEO competition is good. In fact, without a competitive market SEO is diminished. The thing that makes SEO valuable as a profit center is a very competitive market. It’s easy to rise to the #1 spot on Google in a market that doesn’t have many competing plumber in your town and service area. But, this indicates that your town is probably not big enough to support a healthy competitive market.

When you own a plumbing company in a town with a small population you still want to be #1 on Google. You will get over 50% of all the phone calls from ready-to-buy plumbing customers. But, if you were located in a town with twice the population and more plumbing companies you would get a bigger response being #1 on Google. You would make more money from the SEO that got you to #1. So, SEO competition is good, especially when you’re #1 on Google. The more searches you get the more money you make. it’s that simple.

SEO Competition is Good

SEO Plumber Adjusts Pricing Per Market

SEO Plumber Pro analyzes each market. When a plumber signs on to be #1 in New York City the service area must be determined. You pay for the SEO for your designated service area only. Therefore, you may want to be #1 in Brooklyn because that’s where your plumbing company is located. For some reason plumbers and other small businesses yearn to dominate the borough or town next to their own borough or town. So, isn’t it smart to dominate the market closest to your shop? Customers feel the same way. They will search Google Maps for the plumbing company closet to their location. They want prompt service.

SEO Plumber Pro will analyze your competitive market and make you #1 on Google for your town and service area. Contact us or request a free consultation to get started.

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