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Search Terms for Plumbers

Search Terms for Plumbers

Search terms for plumbers are the lifeblood of online local search. And local search is the goldmine for ready-to-buy plumbing customers in your town and service area. When a ready-to buy customer searches for a “plumber” in your town they will call the #1 listed plumbing company on Google over 50% of the time. Those are great odds for getting new business. Being #1 on Google will generate an ROI of well over 1000%.

Some search terms for plumbers are worth more than others. The best search terms for you are “plumber”, “plumbing”, “plumbing company”. Even if a ready-to-buy customer has a “clogged drain” they will most likely search for a “plumber”. If they search for “clogged drain” they will get products solutions like Drano. If they search for “clogged drain, Sacramento”, for instance, they will get companies that unclog drains. Roto Rooter will most likely be #1. But, you could beat Roto Rooter for this secondary keyword.

search terms for plumbers

Keywords for Plumbers

Search terms are keywords for plumbers. When we do keyword research for your plumbing company we are looking for search terms for you. SEO Plumber Pro knows that the best keywords are the search terms most ready-to-buy customers are using. Ready-to-buy plumbing customers most often search for a “plumber” in your town when they need a plumber. This is the hardest keyword to rank for because it’s the most often searched for term. So, we know that it brings the most ready-to-buy customers to the search results page for “plumber” in your town.

So, when you rank #1 for the search term “plumber” you will get the most calls from ready-to-buy customers. It sounds simple and it is simple. But, most SEO companies will try for secondary search terms like “clogged drain” because it’s easier to rank for this search term. Trouble is your results will be far less successful getting the most ready-to-buy customers calling you. SEO Plumber Pro goes for the best search terms for you on day one when we work with you. That way you get over 50% of all the calls for the best keyword, “plumber” in your town

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