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Search for a Plumber

Where Do People Search for a Plumber?

When a ready-to-buy customer needs a plumber where do they go to find one? Fair question. People don’t call plumbers every week, month or year. That’s why customers forget plumbers. Unless you have made enough lifetime customers, who are loyal to your plumbing company, most people have to search for you and find you. They search their home records, if they have them handy, to find the plumber they have used. Otherwise most ready-to-buy customers search the internet when they need a plumber.

Search for a Plumber

Google search is the most widely used internet search engine with 90% of all searches. So, if a ready-to-buy customers needs a plumber they most likely use Google for a local search. They may even be looking for a familiar plumber they’ve used before. But, unless that plumber has a reasonably high ranking on Google they won’t find them. But, there are other plumbing companies to choose from on Google, which has ranked plumbing websites by their relevance and helpful information.

Be #1 on Google & Google Maps

When a ready-to-buy customer is searching for a plumber online and your plumbing company website is ranked #1 on Google what are the chances you might get a phone call. When you’re #1 on Google and Google Maps you’ll get over 50% of the calls from ready-to-buy customers searching for a plumber online. That’s adds up to an ROI of over 1000% when you work with SEO Plumber Pro. Our business is to make you #1 on Google and Google Maps in your town and service area.

Google is the most trusted search engine in the world. Google acts as a third party review site that ranks the best websites form #1 through #10 on page one of Google results pages. When a ready-to-buy customer searches for a “plumber” they get a list of the top 10 plumbing sites. Not all of them are even companies. Many are directories with more listings. So, be being #1 on Google Maps you separate your plumbing company from your competition. Be #1 on Google and Google Maps.

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