Quality Content for Plumber SEO

What is Quality Content for Plumber SEO?

When a plumbing company has a website built for them they want quality. Doesn’t every plumber want quality in everything they do? So, what is a quality plumbing website look like? The basics would be clean and organized. Beyond that it’s the content that counts. So, the content of your plumbing website should be geared towards your customer. You should think of visitors to your website as customers. Customers are the only people that visit your website. They are ready-to-buy plumbing customers. Quality content for plumbing customers is quality content for plumber SEO.

Quality Content for Plumber SEO

Plumber SEO is what gets you to the highest ranking on Google. But, one of the big mistakes SEO experts make is writing content for Google. Concentrating on what you think Google wants won’t get you the results you’re looking for. To rank highest on Google you must have content that your customers want and it must be relevant to them. So, search intent by ready-to-buy customers must be addressed first and foremost.

Answer Your Customers Questions

Your plumbing customers have one main question about you. Can you help them with their plumbing challenge or problem? You must address this question to get the most quality ready-to-buy customers. Do you repair water heaters? That’s a question you should welcome. But, you must have your website organized with a page or section for water heaters. When Google sees that you are an authority on water heaters it will help rank you higher on Google for “water heater” searches.

If you address customers questions in an organized way you will be more likely to succeed online and get customers calling you. This is good SEO that can reach the height of great SEO and pay off big for you. It’s called website optimization and it extends to your social media network structure. The overall number one goal is to rank highest on Google for “plumber near me” searches. Having an organized website, blog and social media network that shows you as the authority on plumbing in your market is the key to ranking highest on Google. But, you must focus on your customer’s questions and search intent to get there.

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