Plumbing Videos Help SEO

Plumbing Expertise Videos Help SEO

Plumbing expertise videos help SEO.  It’s true.  And it helps your customers choose you as their plumber.  Here’s how it works.  Using video marketing.  First you make a list 0f 5 or 10 frequently asked questions.  How much do you charge?  Do you sell and install water heaters?  Then you make short videos with the answers to your FAQs.  Next you make a list of “should ask” questions.  These are questions your customers should ask.  But, because they lack your expertise they don’t know they should ask these questions.  Do you recommend a sewer inspection when buying a house?  Would a tankless water heater work better for you?  By answering these question on video your customers see you as an expert.

Video Marketing for Plumbers

Using FAQ and SAQs (should ask questions) as the basis of your videos builds trust with customers.  They see you as the trusted expert.  You can build a bond with customers before they even hire you.  New customers are more likely to work with you after you have have helped them.  With the videos you are answering questions customers have about their plumbing problem.  That is how they find you on the internet aside from Google searches.  These videos are located on your YouTube channel.  SEO Plumber Pro set that up for you.   Here’s  a plumber we worked with answering a question with video marketing.

This video puts the plumber in position as the expert on low flow toilets.  Then he instructs the customer to get his coupon and call.  That’s strong.  It works well.  This plumber was #1 on local Google searches for all the years we worked with them.

Videos Help Your SEO

We use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to distribute these videos on social media.  That really helps your SEO score and helps move you up to #1. 

Contact us or request a free consultation or qquote from SEO Plumber Pro. Rank highest on Google and Google Maps for an excellent ROI.

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