Plumbing SEO Companies

Plumbing SEO Companies

What Do SEO Companies Do?

There are many plumbing SEO companies. They perform a variety of services for their plumbing clients. So, what do they actually do to create an ROI for plumbers? Most plumbing SEO companies try to rank you as high as they can on Google. This opens up a can of worms. Ranking high on Google sounds great, but what are you ranking high for? The ultimate keyword to rank highest on Google for is “plumber”. “Plumber” is the keyword that most ready-to-buy customers search for when they need a plumber.

Plumbing SEO Companies

“Plumber near me” is the most searched for keyword phrase. The combination of “plumber” and “plumber near me” is the best combination of keyword search terms for ROI. So, that’s what the best SEO is for a plumber. The SEO companies that optimize the best will get you ranked highest on Google for “plumber” and “plumber near me” searches. This is our goal with all of our plumbing clients. We haven’t seen any companies guarantee that you will rank #1 for these keywords on Google. We don’t either. But, we’ve don it with all on our plumbing clients.

Beware of Cheap Companies

When you hire a plumbing SEO company you want to feel confident you will get an excellent ROI. SEO has the highest ROI of any marketing channel available to a plumber. For that reason you must choose wisely. You should expect to pay from $500 to $1,000 per month for an SEO that can produce a profitable ROI. Beware of cheap SEO companies that only charge $100-200 per month. They say they can get you more visibility online. They will do a minimum amount of the work it requires to really get a good ROI. You’re basically throwing your money away because you won’t see an ROI from these SEO companies.

If you are in a large market, such as New York, Chicago or Los Angeles you can expect to pay more for SEO. That’s because these markets are more competitive. That makes it harder to rank high on Google. So, you’ll pay around $1000 per month, maybe higher in these markets. If you are in a mid range market, such as Tulsa, Tampa or Cleveland you will probably pay around $750-800 per month. Smaller markets should find good SEO companies for $500 to 700 per month. Remember, SEO is a long term investment. Your high ranking on Google will only last if you constantly optimize you website, blog videos and social posts. Otherwise you will lose your high ranking in less time it than it took to get there.

SEO Companies that Just Work with Plumbers

It is our opinion that you will have better success with an SEO company that just specializes in plumbers. Why? Because plumbing SEO companies know the plumbing business. This makes a difference in your SEO success. Knowing the plumbing niche helps because that knowledge base helps in creating plumbing content. Content is king. So, you need to know what you’re talking about when you write about plumbing. Profit centers like radiant heating and cooling must be addressed properly. Tankless water heaters must be explained. These are examples of plumbing knowledge that make the difference in SEO.

An SEO company that knows the right questions to ask a plumbing company are going to come out way ahead of the competition. Every industry has it’s own uniqueness. Plumbers are no exception. AN SEO company that has plumbing knowledge will save time and get you ranked higher on Google faster. An SEO company that has to learn as they go with you is going to slow down progress and success.

What Services Do SEO Companies Offer?

A pure plumbing SEO company mainly concentrates on Google rankings for your best keywords. The goal is to rank highest on Google for your top keywords. That will bring you the highest ROI possible for SEO. When you rank highest for “plumber”, “plumber near me”, “plumbing company” and “plumbing and heating company” you will get an excellent ROI. You’ll get the most ready-to-buy-customers calling you everyday. In addition to those keywords you can also rank highest for “water heater” and “water heater repair”. That’s a great profit center. Others would be “backflow testing” and “boiler service”. It all depends on what you offer in plumbing services and products.

Many SEO companies also offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. SEO can return a click-through rate (CTR) of 40% or more. PPC has an average CTR of 2%. But, if done correctly PPC can increase and create a good ROI. That would include good offers and landing pages. Most PPC ads don’t have either. We offer PPC service. But, other SEO companies also have elaborate marketing strategies that go beyond basic SEO and PPC. You may pay more for that. Also beware of SEO companies that offer so many different services that they don’t focus on SEO enough. Remember again, SEO has the highest ROI of any other marketing channel.

SEO Plumber Pro

Here at SEO Plumber Pro we focus 90% of on your Google ranking for your best keywords. That includes Google Maps. The combination of ranking highest on Google and Google Maps will bring you the greatest ROI. We also focus on your market, your competition and, of course your company and you. We can work on your PPC campaign to get you a better response and result. SEO Plumber Pro also constantly monitors your website and social media network. We create content, structure and optimization to all your online properties to create the best ROI for you. We are reasonably priced, too.

Contact us or request a free consultation or quote from SEO Plumber Pro. Rank highest on Google and Google Maps for an excellent ROI.

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