Plumbers Video Marketing Network

Plumbers Video Marketing Network

Plumbers video marketing network.  Sounds impressive.  It is.  It’s yours and it’s free.  Yes, the social media network that we set up for you is free.  That is, you don’t have to pay for your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.  They are free to set up.  The key is to have a professional set it up for you.  Then you can publish and broadcast to promote your plumbing company.  Video marketing is a key ingredient to promote your business online.  Videos also help your SEO score.  This is part of your marketing strategy to become #1 on Google for ready-to-buy plumbing customers looking for a plumber in your town.  You’ll get over 50% of these ready-to-buy plumbing customers calling or contacting you.

Plumbers Video Marketing Network Promotion Power

When your videos are uploaded to YouTube you are ready to to distribute your videos to your other social media platforms.  We post your videos on your plumbing company Facebook page, your Twitter feed and your Google+ page.  This gives you customer-friendly platforms.  Your plumbing customers will see your videos on the social platforms they prefer.  What they’re comfortable using.  Some favor Facebook, others favor Twitter.  Your videos can also be posted on your blog.  When you make your FAQs and SAQs (Should Ask Questions) these are videos that have really good information for your customers.  You are answering their questions – actually giving them the question and the answers to important plumbing questions your customers have.  Here’s an example of a SAQ from one of our plumbing clients, who reached #1 on Google.

Plumbers Video Marketing Network Connects with New Customers

When ready-to-buy plumbing customers have plumbing questions and search Google for answers your videos will be viewed.  We optimize your videos so that they rank high on the first page for video searches.  Many people will search videos for plumbing solutions.  They may be do-it-yourself amateurs until they see your videos and call upon your expertise.

If you want to know more about this very affordable SEO that gets you to #1 on Google with a ROI of over 1000% call 707-928-0400 or request a quote.


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