Plumbers Social Media Network

Plumbers Social Media Network

Plumbers Social Media Network.  It sounds foreign.  It doesn’t sound like something plumbers would even be interested in.  Perhaps that’s true.  But, it’s an ingredient to building SEO that will get a plumber to #1 on Google local searches in his city.  And that means getting over 50% of the ready-to-buy customers looking for a plumber in your city.  Every day.

Plumbers Social Media Network Lineup

The lineup is basic.  It consists of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.  Think of it this way – it’s way more than your competition probably has.  That means you have some of the basic tools necessary to beat them to #1 on Google.  Using your Plumbers Social Media Network properly really helps beat your competition.  SEO Plumber Pro does all the heavy lifting.  We build it and run it for you – with your input.

Plumbers Social Media Network is Free

The amazing thing about the Plumbers social Media Network is that it is free.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube are free to set up and use.  That’s incredible.  A free TV station – YouTube.  And three interactive magazines – Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Two of these properties are owned by Google – YouTube and Google+.  How important is that?  When you’re trying to reach #1 on Google – use their products to do it.

Content for Plumbers Social Media Network

This is where SEO Plumber Pro really shines – for you.  We help you make videos answering FAQs and SAQs.  Then we upload them on your YouTube channel.  Next, we distribute the videos on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  This SEO helps you reach the #1 spot on Google for plumbers in your city. And it spotlights you as the expert in your field.  This makes the phone ring.  You get over 50% of the ready-to-buy customers.  Interested?  Call 707-928-0400 or ask for a quote.

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