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Plumbers Must Have Mobile Websites

Plumbers Must Have Mobile Websites

Plumbers Must Have Mobile Websites.  The good news is that it’s not hard to do.  Well, it’s not hard for SEO Plumber Pro to do.  Plumbers get over half of their internet exposure on mobile phones now.  And when a ready-to-buy plumbing customer finds you on their mobile phone the next step is a phone call to hire you.  This will happen if you’re ranked high enough on Google.  That’s where plumbing customers search for a plumber in your town.  If you are #1 on Google for the search “plumber, (your town)” you will get over 50% of the ready-to-buy plumbing customers calling you.

Mobile Websites – We Can Do That!

SEO Plumber Pro uses WordPress when we build or rebuild your website.   When we build a WordPress website it displays on a desktop computer plus all other devices including mobile laptops, tablets and phones.  That’s huge for plumbers.  They can get the whole schmear from SEO Plumber Pro.  Since there are separate Google rankings for mobile and desktops it’s important to build the root website properly.  Otherwise you could lose half of your audience on the mobile side.

The Future is Here

Google has started to formulate a new ranking system for websites, which includes mobile websites.  It’s called the “mobile-first index” for Google rankings.  This means Google will be looking at your mobile content first – before looking a desktop content.  If you don’t have a mobile website you your Google ranking will stink.  This new index is scheduled to start sometime later in 2018.  Why wait?  Plumbers need to have the basics just compete on the internet.  Plumbers need to work with an SEO and website expert to move to the top of the Google rankings.

Watch this video to see how one of our plumber clients moved up to #1 on google working with SEO Plumber Pro – Plumbers Only Marketing.

Contact us or request a free consultation or quote from SEO Plumber Pro. Rank highest on Google and Google Maps for an excellent ROI.

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