Plumber’s Mobile Customers

Plumber’s Mobile Customers

Plumber’s mobile customers are everywhere and anywhere.  And plumber’s mobile customers are not just on mobile phones.  They are on laptops and pads also.  Last month the stats came out for personal internet usage.  Mobile phones are used by 53%.  Desktops are used by 43%.  Tablets are used by 4%.  If your website is not mobile friendly you have lost 57% of your potential audience and customers.  You can test your website to see if it’s mobile friendly here.

Plumber’s Mobile Customers can find your WordPress Website

One of the great things about WordPress websites is that they are mobile friendly.  They are automatically configured to show your website on mobile devices as well as desktops.  This is huge.  That’s why we use WordPress for our SEO Plumber Pro website.  When we build websites for plumbing clients we use WordPress exclusively.  It is less expensive and more effective to build a new WordPress website than try to fix your website and make it mobile friendly.

Plumber’s Mobile Customers are ready-to-buy customers

When you work with SEO Plumber Pro we get you to the #1 spot on Google for your city.  When you’re #1 on Google you get over 50% of the ready-to-buy customers looking for a plumber on the internet.  If you don’t have a mobile friendly website you’ll get less than 25%.  That’s a huge difference.  Mobile users are also more likely to call you directly after they see your #1 Google listing which displays your phone number.

Plumber’s Mobile Customers are a Goldmine

Plumber’s mobile customers are the biggest sector of your customers.  Ready-to-buy customers.  This makes your mobile friendly website your best resource for new ready-to-buy plumbing customers.  That’s how important the mobile internet experience is to your bottom potential.  You can’t get there by yourself mostly likely.  Who has the time or expertise.  Your a plumbing expert.  We are SEO experts.  Let’s talk.  Call us at 707-928-0400 or request a quote.


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