Plumbers Don’t Need Click Throughs

Plumbers Don’t Need Click Throughs to Their Website

Plumbers don’t need click throughs to their website to get the best ready-to-buy customers on the internet. When a ready-to-buy customer needs a plumber they’ll search their town for a “plumber”. The Google search results page shows the top ten websites for the “plumber” search. If your plumbing company is #1 on this Google search the ready-to-buy customer can just call your phone number from your #1 listing. This is very common. Only about 20% of ready-to-buy customers will “click through” to your website to get details about your plumbing company before calling you.

Click through rates are used as an internet statistic. And they don’t count users who call instead of clicking through to your website. Most website owners want users to go to their website as a successful destination. But, plumbers don’t need this is the same way. Would you rather talk directly to a ready-to-buy customer on the phone as opposed to them going to your website to decide whether or not they’ll call you?

Plumbers Don't Need Click Throughs
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Be #1 on Google to Get the Most and Best Customers

In the graph shown above it shows 34% as the click through rate to your website when your #1 on Google. Add to that a conservative 10% of the total of ready-to-buy customers, who call you instead of clicking through. Add to that Google Maps, which is prominent on Google results page. If your #1 on Google Maps you’ll get additional calls from that. We estimate another 10% who call from Google Maps instead of clicking through to your website. This gives you 34% plus 20% from being #1 on Google and Google Maps. That gives you over 50% of ready-to-buy customers searching for a “plumber” in your town calling you.

To simplify this just remember that most people call a plumber when they need one and have the phone number of the #1 plumber on Google in their town. This will produce a ROI of well over 1000%.

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