Plumbing Video Marketing

Plumber Broadcast Expertise

Plumber Broadcast Expertise

Plumbers are experts in plumbing.  And plumbers have studied and have experienced all different kinds of plumbing challenges.  But, who knows which plumbers are the most knowledgeable?  Especially if your a plumber who doesn’t really promote your expertise.  Plumber broadcast expertise!  So, here’s a way to do it and get ready-to-buy customers from it.

Video Marketing for Plumbers

SEO Plumber Pro has a proven system to broadcast your plumbing expertise.  So first, you need to make a list of 3 to 5 frequently asked questions.  Next, you need to make a list of 3 to 5 “should ask questions”.  These are questions that your customers should ask you, but they don’t have the knowledge to know those those questions.  So, these SAQs separate you from your competition.  They show your customers that you are the exert in your field.  SEO Plumber Pro helps you make short videos with the answers to these FAQs and SAQs.

Broadcast Your Plumbing Expertise

After we help you make the videos SEO Plumber Pro uploads your videos to your YouTube channel.  SEO Plumber Pro builds your social media network.  It includes YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Then we distribute your videos on social media.  So, this gives your customers a place to view your videos.  They will see you are the expert.  So, this makes them more likely to call you.  The other thing it does is increase your SEO score to help you reach #1 on Google for searches of plumbers in your city or town.

SEO Plumber Pro Makes You #1 on Google

Your plumbing videos are just part of what we do to make you #1 on Google.  You get over 50% of the ready-to-buy plumbing customers when you are #1 on Google.  Here’s a plumber we worked with.

If you are interested in getting over 50% of the ready-to-buy customers looking for a plumber in your city or town call us at 707-928-0400 or ask for a quote.

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