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Plumber’s Black Hole

Local Search – Plumber’s Black Hole

Local search – plumber’s black hole.  It’s a black hole, not only for plumbers, but for most local businesses.  Local search is not well known as a profit stream for whoever is #1 on Google search results.  So, not many business people understand how it works or what it produces.  You could include many SEO companies in this category, which makes it tougher for local businesses to find a good or great SEO company.  Part of the reason for this is that Google is somewhat secretive about their own search engine information.  So, we are left to learn about Google local search from those of us that work in this arena.

SEO Plumber Pro University

SEO Plumber Pro knows about Google local search.  And Google search results.  And SEO Plumber Pro knows about the profits that can result for your plumbing company when you are #1 on the Google search results page.  When ready-to-buy plumbing customers search for “plumber, (your town)” the plumbing company that is #1 gets over 50% of the search responses.  The ready-to-buy plumbing customers either call you directly or they go to your website looking for additional information pertaining to their plumbing problem or challenge.  Plumbing companies who have worked with SEO Plumber Pro have gotten an ROI of 1000% or more.

Local Search – Plumber’s Black Hole Resolved

Here’s a plumbing company owner that became #1 on Google working with SEO Plumber Pro – Plumbers Marketing Only.

SEO Plumber Pro worked with Boden Plumbing for a number of years.  They were #1 on Google and got the profits from mostly new ready-to-buy plumbing customers that called them to do business.  After a few years they ended their contract with us.  So, now they are not #1 on Google anymore.  That’s what happens if you discontinue your SEO campaigns – you lose your juice – and fall from #1 to #2 or #3.  You don’t get the profits you used to when you were #1.

To find out how to get an ROI of over 1000% from Google local search call 707-928-0400 or request a quote.

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