Plumber Social Media Plan

Strategy for Plumber Social Media Plan

A social media plan is recommended for plumbers. Strategy for your plumber social media plan is a must. So, what is that plan and strategy and should it be long term? We recommend long term planning. It can always be tweaked and eventually modified. For Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a combination of plumbing information, personal and community posts is a solid foundation.

Plumber Social Media Plan

Your plumbing business is part of your community. You most likely donate to high school groups or sports or other community groups and causes. So, these make great posts on social media. A balance of community posts and plumbing information draws a larger following on social media. Your customers are likely to have similar community interests. It’s a simple trait of community and makes a great connection for your plumbing company. It also makes it more likely to get business from community members with similar interest.

A Good Mix of Content

On the business side you post FAQs and SAQs content or videos with your answers to those questions. This is a great way to position your self as the expert in your field. Coupons, discounts and special offers make great posts for your customers. These posts can result in additional business for you. Your customers will also tend to check back when they need you and see if there is a discount.

You can also post information about your employees. Employee of the month is great way to show recognition to employees who set a good example. Customers get to know your employees over time and this is a great way to reinforce that connection. Birthdays and anniversaries are also considerations. Social media is a great way to promote your plumbing business and get additional business. A social media plan is a great way to get started. We can set this up and run it for you.

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