Plumber Searches on Google

Plumber Searches on Google are Unique

Nobody searches the internet for a plumber unless they need one. So, that means about 100% of the people searching for a plumber are ready-to-buy customers. Plumber searches on Google are unique and knowing this can change your plumbing business. If you can rank #1 on Google in your town and service area you get over 50% of all the phones calls from ready-to-buy customers searching for a plumber on the internet. That will get you an ROI of well over 1000% if you work with SEO Plumber to be #1 on Google and Google Maps.

Plumber Searches on Google

The reason there are so many ready-to-buy customers searching for a plumber is there’s little loyalty or memory when it comes to choosing a plumber. Unless a customer has worked with your plumbing company more than once chances are they will have forgotten about you. And people don’t often call a plumber, so time can diminish the memory of your plumbing company.

Plumber near Me

Many ready-to-buy customers want a plumber that’s located close to them. They equate distance with travel time because they want somebody quickly. This may or may not be an accurate way for customers to save time, but they use Google Maps to get somebody close. This is why it’s so profitable to be ranked #1 on Google Maps. You’ll get more plumbing jobs close to your shop. You’ll save and make money at the same time. Plus, you’ll be amazed that customers two blocks from your shop never heard of you before.

With so many ready-to-buy customers searching for a plumber online it’s time to think about being #1 on Google and Google Maps. Most ready-to-buy customers don’t know who they will call until they’ve searched the web for a plumber.

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