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Plumber reviews are good for you

Plumber reviews are good for your plumbing company. Regardless of how you feel about review sites like Yelp, reviews help your plumbing company. Many plumbers and other small businesses dislike reviews. The reason, of course, is that they get an occasional bad review and they feel it unfairly affects their business. Bad reviews can hurt your plumbing company, but bad reviews must addressed. Yelp allows the business to respond to reviews, good and bad. This exercise is important, because it can straighten out misunderstanding, resolve disagreements and improve your review.

Customers, who read Yelp reviews, understand good reviews and bad reviews. They tend to look reviews with a grain of salt. Emotional reviews are less impactful than fact and result reviews. Customers are usually looking for the basics in a plumbing company. Fair pricing, good service, conscientious and polite service personnel go a long way when found in a review of your plumbing company. Reviews keep you honest. Perhaps you need improvement in certain areas that pop up in lukewarm or bad reviews. Good reviews reinforce the things that your plumbing company does well.

plumber reviews

Google is the Ultimate Review Site

You can be #1 on Google regardless of your reviews with the proper SEO program. Ready-to-buy customers who search for a “plumber” in your town will call the #1 plumber on Google over 50% of the time. Google, in fact, is the ultimate review site for plumbing companies in your town. On the search engine results page (SERP) that shows you as #1 it’s assumed that you are the best plumbing company according to Google. Google even has it’s own reviews. So, while it’s important to get good reviews on Yelp, you can still succeed in a big way without them.

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