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Plumber Ranking or Google Maps

Which is Better Plumber Ranking or Google Maps?

In an ideal world it would be great to rank highest for both Google organic search and Google Maps. But, if you start an aggressive SEO program you’ll reach one of these first before the other. So, which gets the best results. Is it plumber ranking or Google Maps? For the top search term keywords, “plumber” and “plumber near me” you’ll see who ranks highest on organic Google results. You’ll also see the Google Maps 3-Pack. Google Maps is usually situated at the top of the Google results page. The ads are just above the Google Map and the Google organic rankings just below the Google Map. So, ready-to-buy customers see the three plumbers listed on Google Maps first.

Plumber Ranking or Google Maps

The Google Maps 3-pack gives you excellent positioning on page one of Google results for “plumber near me” searches. But, there are no official statistics for click-through rates (CTR) to websites for Google Maps. This is mystifying to many SEO experts. The Google organic results ranking, which shows the top 10 websites has CTR for all ten. When you’re ranked #1 on Google organic results you get a 30-35% CTR. When you’re #2 you get an 18-24% CTR. The #3 position get 12-16%. And as a plumber you actually get more phone calls than click-throughs to your website. That’s because many ready-to-buy customers just call from your Google listing phone number instead of clicking through to your website. So, that’s a huge increase in direct response for you from customers.

Google Ranking Competition

The ultimate SEO goal is to rank #1 for organic Google results for “plumber” and “plumber near me” searches. Your biggest competition comes from Yelp, which tends to #1 in every market unless challenged. Our theory is that you can beat Yelp to the #1 spot on Google. You have a local address. Yelp does not. Google needs to respect local businesses that have excellent SEO. So, it is possible to beat Yelp to #1 on Google. We’ve done it for our plumbing clients. But, realistically, you may rank in the Google Maps 3-Pack before you get to #1 for organic Google results. As we said earlier this is excellent positioning for you. You will got a good ROI from your Google Maps listing.

You’ll get an excellent ROI when you reach the highest ranking on Google and Google Maps. The combination of organic Google results and Google Maps will pay off big when you rank highest for both.

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