Plumber Marketing During Coronavirus

Is Plumber Marketing During Coronavirus Important

Coronavirus has changed everything as we know it. But, the plumbing business remains essential. Some plumbing business has been lost, but there is still a demand for plumbers. Many businesses working from home leave commercial buildings nearly empty. So, much of the commercial business for plumbers has dried up. Commercial jobs remain, but less than before. Restaurants with take out service need plumbing support. So, what about plumber marketing during coronavirus?

Plumber Marketing During Coronavirus

Plumbing companies may have to scale back marketing because of the coronavirus. Others may keep things in place with unknown demand in business. Internet marketing appears to remain steady with pay-per-click ads. PPC ads are relatively low cost, but low return propositions. PPC will deliver a smaller revenue stream than other marketing channels. SEO is one of the highest ROI channels.

Plumbers with successful SEO marketing programs are in the best position. Plumbing companies ranked highest on Google for “plumber near me” searches still get the most calls. Actually, plumbing and plumber SEO are recession proof. Plumbing and Google searches for plumbers never stop. So, do you add an SEO marketing program now? Perhaps not, but it’s something to consider when business gets back to normal.

Plumber SEO for Higher Profits

A reasonably priced SEO marketing program could help. So, consider an SEO company dedicated to plumbers. After the pandemic subsides there will be a need to grow business. Plumbers think about their business all the time and especially now. Employee safety, supply chain concerns and your bottom line are amplified now. And the future is being pondered. Our best wishes go out to all plumbing companies during this time. Be essential, be professional and be safe.

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