Plumber Backlinks Stink

Plumber Backlinks Stink

Plumber backlinks stink.  Building backlinks stink.  Backlinks are overrated.  Get the picture.  Hiring a backlink company is a waste of time.  It’s really a waste of time if think you’re going to beat SEO Plumber Pro’s plumbing clients to the #1 spot on Google with backlinks.  Good relevant, informational content beats backlinks every time.  That’s our experience.  And we have experience.  Back in 2001 when we were building our first plumbing website backlinks were the rage.  Aside from keywords it seems that backlinks were the holy grail.  We would call contractors, supply companies and construction agencies and ask them to link to our website.  Some companies linked to our website because they wanted to do it.  But, the thing that moved our plumbing website to#1 was the rich content, original content we posted on a regular basis.  We published a monthly, thousand word newsletter that was relevant and informative.  We rose to #1 on Google in many keyword categories.

Plumber Backlinks Stink – Rich Content Rules

Rich content rules.  That’s a motto we endorse.  Back links stink.  We’ll second that.  We don’t feel that Google gives much credit for backlinks.  Why would they?  Especially manufactured backlinks.  In other words, it’s fine if other prominent websites want to link to our plumbing company’s websites, but we don’t count on it.  And it doesn’t move the needle like great content does.  And that’s what Google wants.  Google wants websites with relevant, informative content.  And you can fulfill Google’s wishes when you post great content that’s useful to your plumbing customers.  Google wants good content for their users.  It’s the lifeblood of Google.  If Google can’t deliver a relevant, informative experience for it’s users that’s going to hurt Google big time.  They know that.  And that’s why backlinks take a backseat to great content in the race to be #1 on Google.  Here’s one of our plumbing clients to tell you about his experience working with SEO Plumber Pro – Plumbers Marketing Only.

Want to know how you can beat your competition to be #1 on Google and get an ROI of over 1000%?  Call us at 707-928-0400 or request a quote.

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