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Our Plumbers Love Google Maps

Our Plumbers Love Google Maps

Our plumbers love Google Maps.  Why?  Because when you’re #1 on Google Maps in your town you get more business.   And you get more business from ready-to-buy plumbing customers close to your shop.  That’s the reason so many ready-to buy plumbing customers use google Maps.  They can quickly check to see how far away you are from the their home or business.  When you are ranked #1 on Google for online searches for “plumber, (your town)” you get over 50% of the ready-to-buy plumbing customers.  Many of them will check Google Maps to see how far away you are.  if you’re nearby you’ll most likely get there business when you close them on the phone.

Our Plumbers Love Google Maps For Good Reason

Our Plumbers Love Google Maps For Good Reason.  When ready-to-buy plumbing customers find you at #1 on Google Maps you get the majority of calls from plumbing customers nearby.  A few ready-to-buy plumbing customers will find that you are far away from them.  You may still get a call from them.  But, most likely you will be getting more ready-to-buy plumbing customers who at closer to your shop.  The trade off is in your favor.  You’ll have less driving time between jobs when your customers are closer to your shop.  Google Maps contributes around 10% of our plumber’s Google search experience.  But it all counts.

The Myth of Expanded Services Areas

The myth of expanded services areas is puzzling and very common – even with plumbers.  I’ve had so many plumbers ask me to help them in other towns besides their own town where they are located.  For some reason these plumbers think they are already working with everybody in their own town.  This is not true.  And they find this out when they work with SEO Plumber Pro.  Our plumbers get new ready-to-buy plumbing customers in their own neighborhood that they have never worked with.  The closer the better, right.  Google Maps helps you get customers who are closer instead of farther from your shop.

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