New Plumbing Customers

New Plumbing Customers

New plumbing customers are the lifeblood of all plumbing companies.  Every time the phone rings with a new customer it’s an opportunity.  The opportunity is to a new customer.  A new lifetime customer.  Your plumbing company has a core of lifetime customers.  If you can add to that core of lifetime customers you can increase your profits.  That’s how service companies grow.  You are a service company.  New customers are an opportunity to grow your business.

How Can You Get More New Plumbing Customers?

That’s the great question.  How can you get more new plumbing customers?  The Yellow Pages?  Newspaper, TV or radio ads?  What about the internet?  Pay Per Click ads?  We believe the best way to get new plumbing customers is local Google searches in your town and area.   When a plumbing customer is searching for “plumber, (your town)” that is a ready-to-buy plumbing customer.  That’s the only reason a plumbing customer searches the internet  for a plumbing company in their town – to hire a plumber!

Being #1 on Google Searches for a Plumber in Your Town

Being #1 on Google searches for a plumber in your town.  That’s the name of the game.  When you’re #1 on Google you get 50% 0f the ready-to-buy plumbing customers searching for a plumber in your town.  It falls to 20% if you’re #2 on Google.  #3 gets 10%.  Your ROI is over 1000% when you’re #1 on Google.  SEO Plumber Pro doesn’t not guarantee a #1 ranking on Google for your plumbing company.  SEO Plumber Pro has achieved the #1 ranking on Google with all of our plumbing companies we have worked with.

Watch this video with one of our plumbing company customers.


To find out more about getting 50% of the ready-to-buy plumbing customers looking for a plumber in your town request a quote or call 707-928-0400.  SEO Plumber Pro is looking forward to meeting you.

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