New Google Algorithm Update

New Google Algorithm Update

There’s a new Google algorithm update as of June 3rd. We hear about these from time to time. Occasionally Google changes their algorithm formula. Google periodically evaluates websites and makes changes in the order they’re ranked. So, this causes the SEO industry to take note and comment. June 2019 Core Update is the name for newest update. Word around the campfire is that this is starting to affect search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

Google algorithm formulas are a mystery, unknown to anybody outside Google. So, why would anybody know what this latest update means for SERP? Experts analyze the effects Google algorithm updates seem to have on SERP. The previous Google algorithms change, called “Fred”, seemed to targeting e-commerce sites. Above all, Google seemed to be concerned about how e-commerce sites were monetizing their products.

New Google Algorithm Update

Black Hatters Beware – Google is the Sheriff

Google is constantly working to clean up “black hat” tactics used to cheat and make websites rank and function in an accelerated fashion. Black hat tactics sometimes consist of keyword stuffing. Some online marketers will try to over-optimize their websites to rise to the top of SERP quickly. It just doesn’t work, so why try? In the end, Google has the ability to find “out of context” activity meant to enhance rankings and monetary returns.

SEO Plumber Pro has never experienced any punishment from Google for cheating in regards to our plumbing client websites. Above all, we construct our SEO tactics by the book at all times. SEO Plumber Pro never tries to cheat Google. We try to please Google. This always gives our plumbing clients the best results in SERP. As a result, all of our plumbing clients have reached #1 on Google in their towns and service areas. They get over 50% of all the phone calls from ready-to-buy customers searching for a “plumber” in your town. So, contact us or request a free consultation to find our how you can be #1 on Google.

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