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Long Tail Keywords for Plumbers

Long Tail Keywords for Additional Profits

Being #1 on Google for “plumber” searches in your town will get you over 50% of all the phone calls from ready-to-buy plumbing customers. That’s the biggest payoff for you when you’re #1 on Google. This is the first task we tackle for you. While that’s being completed we also concentrate on “plumbing” and “plumbing company” as keywords for you to rank #1 for also. These are the top keyword that ready-to-buy customers search for when they need a plumber in your town. Next are the long tail keywords for plumbers.

Long Tail Keywords for Plumbers

After we establish you as the #1 “plumber” on Google we add profit center keywords. “Water heater”, “water heater repair” and “water heater installation” are long tail keywords that will get you additional calls from ready-to-buy customers. In addition to that we can use long tail keywords to focus in on your expertise and specialties. As an example, “gas water heater repair” and “electric water heater repair” are two long tail keyword phrases that will bring addition phone calls and profits.

SEO Plumber Pro Strategy

We learn your plumbing company profit centers. When we determine what your profit centers are, we target keywords for you profit centers. If you are licensed for “backflow testing” we target this as a keyword phrase. Ready-to-buy customers who need “backflow service” will find you at #1 on Google for backflow service. We may determine that “commercial backflow preventer installation” is a good long tail keyword for you. This will add to your calls from ready-to-buy customers.

So, to summarize long tail keywords for plumbers, we will add them after we establish the top keywords. We use your profit centers as keywords. In addition to “sewer repair” we can add “non-trenching sewer repair” if it is a profitable service for you.

Contact us or request a free consultation or quote from SEO Plumber to find out more about being #1 on Google. For long tail keywords, too.

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