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Local SEO Citations for Plumbers

Local SEO Citations

Local SEO Citations for plumbers are essential in their city and service area. So, what are citations? A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business. They are business listings on sites like Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and many lesser known sites like Merchant Circle. Local SEO citations can also appear on apps and other social media websites and business directories. The basic citation consists of NAP (Name, Address & Phone) of your plumbing company.

Local SEO citations for plumbers have become more sophisticated over the years. So, they now include photos, videos and maps that show your business location. If this sounds a bit in the weeds it is for a busy plumbing company. SEO Plumber Pro provides over 60 citation sites for our plumbing company clients. We see it as an “ante up” ingredient that gets you in the local SEO game. Above all, it’s one of the first SEO tasks we perform to get you moving toward being #1 on Google.

SEO Citations for local business

SEO Plumber Profile Building Block

Local SEO Citations are an essential building block for a plumbing company that wants to be #1 on Google. So, SEO Plumber Pro manages this for plumbing companies we work with. We update information when needed to define your plumbing company for customers looking for you online. This is a big part of your online profile, how you look on the internet. It’s so important. You must make a good first impression with customers who are looking to hire a plumber.

Getting your plumbing company hired by customers who need your services is our #1 priority. When you are #1 on Google you get over 50% of the customer calls. So, customers looking for a good plumber will most often call the #1 plumber on Google. There is an authority of excellence that your plumbing company gains by being #1 on Google. To find out more request a consultation and we will answer all your questions. SEO Plumber Pro is dedicated to making you #1 on Google. Over 1000% ROI. Request a consultation.

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Are you saying with a good emd you could rank a local business just using citations. This is an interesting concept and I wonder how you evaluate the power of competition for this?

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