Internal Linking for Plumber SEO

How to Do Internal Linking for Plumber SEO

Here’s an easy way to improve your SEO score and help customers find what they’re looking for on your website. Internal linking for plumber SEO, unlike creating backlinks, is free and easy. Internal linking is the process of linking your pages and posts to create better website structure. Google likes good website structure. So, if you want to rank highest on Google you need to do some internal linking.

Internal Linking for Plumber SEO

Having your home page rank highest on Google is the best way to remember the goal of internal linking. When you create a link on another web page look for keyword phrase you also have on your home page. In other words, if you mention water heaters on your home page link your water heater page to the home page. The smoothest way to do this is to link the name of your company, which you mention on your water heater page, to the home page URL. You can also link “water heater” from the home page content back to the water heater web page URL. Repeat this process on all your website pages. Look for good internal backlink opportunities. Look for keywords and keyword phrases.

Building Good Website Structure

When doing internal links you don’t have to overdo it. One or two meaningful internal links per page is most likely better than 4 or 5 thinly valued internal links. The idea is to show Google what your pages and posts are about so Google can see the value you are delivering. You’ll get ranked higher for your keywords with solid internal links that use keyword and keyword phrases. Keyword phrases like “backflow testing” with an internal link show Google and customers that you you offer that service and make it easy to find on your website or blog

Blogging is a great way to add valuable content to your website. WordPress is set up for this with there blog platform. Your WordPress blog posts are indexed in your website. So, using internal links from and to your blog posts add more website structure and, again, help customers find what they’re looking for on your website. You can link blog posts to other posts or pages on your website using the water heater example.

If internal linking sounds a bit daunting think about hiring a professional SEO company that specializes in plumbing companies. Just make sure they are reasonably priced and able to deliver an excellent ROI.

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