Image Optimization for Plumber SEO

How to Do Image Optimization for Plumber SEO

Images can make or break your website, blog posts and social media posts. There’s nothing more boring than an article of text without an image. Images draw in the reader. And Google notices images, too. So, here’s your new rule. Never create a web page, blog post or social media post without adding an image. First of all, you must go through the steps of image optimization for plumber SEO.

Image Optimization for Plumber SEO

Always use original photos. Stock photos of your company team are a dead give away you’re just going through the motions. This reflects on your image with ready-to-buy customers who’ve found you and are evaluating you. Original photos of your company team also help build some company pride with employees. When you take the time to take photos of your employees they know they count. Customers also respond to original photos of your company team. If you don’t believe it read some Yelp reviews where customers write use the techs name in their review of your plumbing.

Preparing your Photos for Use

Make sure your images are the right size so they don’t slow down your website. We have a standard we use with images. We make them 300 pixels wide and around 150-200 pixels wide. This is big enough to see well and it doesn’t slow down a website when it’s loading. You can use Photoshop to do this. WordPress does a beautiful thing next. It resizes the the photo for your mobile site. This helps your mobile site load fast. That’s super important since Google now does mobile indexing-first for their rankings. In other words, Google ranks your mobile site first, which also ranks your desktop rankings secondly.

Those are the basic image optimization tasks you need to perform to get your photos right for SEO. Naming image files is another important task. Image alt attributes is explained here by Yoast. By the way, we can do all this for you if you want to rank highest on Google for “plumber near me” searches.

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