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Great Plumber SEO Videos

Great Plumber SEO Videos

Great Plumber SEO Videos Promote Your Expertise

You probably don’t have any intention of making a video for your plumbing business any time soon. So, just let the marketing company make it for you. You know, a video that tells how professional you are and how many trucks you have. Stuff that absolutely nobody, except you, cares about. You should know down deep that customers don’t care about your plumbing company, at all. Customers just care about their plumbing problem and if you can fix it. When will you be here and how much does it cost are other topics customers care about. Great plumber SEO videos answer these kind of questions for ready-to-buy customers.

Answering FAQS & SAQs promotes you as the expert in your field

To make great plumbing videos you need to answer frequently asked questions and “should ask” questions. Should ask questions (SAQs) are questions your customers should ask, but don’t ask. They don’t ask these questions because they don’t have the knowledge you have in plumbing. So, that’s why SAQs resonate with ready-to-buy customers. SAQs show your expertise. They demonstrate that you are the expert in your field. Your are the plumber they need for their plumbing problem. We post your videos on your YouTube channel and distribute them on your social media network.

Get Better Ready-to-Buy Customers

Many ready-to-buy plumbing customers search for a plumber online for your city and service area. When you’re #1 on Google and Google Maps you’ll get over 50% of the calls form ready-to-buy customers. Working with SEO Plumber Pro that adds up to an ROI of well over 1000%. We will also help you make your FAQ & SAQ videos. Ready-to-buy customers who watch your videos are usually more discerning and spend more money to get the best plumbing company for their plumbing problem or project. So, these are customers you want.

Contact us or request a free consultation or quote from SEO Plumber Pro. Be #1 on Google and Google Maps.

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