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Google Search Reviews Plumbers

Google Search for Best Plumbers

Many ready-to buy customers search for a plumber in their town with Google. Google ranks the “plumber, town” searches or the “plumber near me” searches, for example. Ready-to buy customers click or call the #1 result, especially if it’s a plumbing company in their town. Many times Yelp or some other directory will appear in the #1 spot. This is just another list of plumbing companies in your town. That’s means more sorting and choosing for the ready-to-buy customer. Google search reviews plumbers more thoroughly.

So, what if your plumbing company was #1 on Google and Google Maps in your town? You’d get over 50% of all the phones calls from ready-to-buy customers, who need a plumber now. This is a game changer for you. You’ll get better customers, who spend more money, too. It’s the fastest way to get the best ready-to-buy customers on the internet.

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Google is a Trusted Source of Plumbers

There are many review site like Yelp, for instance. About 20% of ready-to-buy customers want to look at reviews when shopping for a plumber. But, 80% of ready-to-buy customers, who are searching the net, will search for the #1 plumber on Google and judge for themselves whether to hire you or not after they call you. They realize that Google has determined that you are the best choice. That’s why they have ranked you #1 on Google. Besides that, Google has determined that your reviews are good enough to rank you #1 on Google. Reviews are part of Google’s algorithm in ranking plumbers on page one, but not nearly the only factor.

So, reviews are import, but in most cases they are just part of the algorithm that makes you #1 on Google. Google search reviews plumbers at a higher level. Good, useful and informative plumber websites rule the day on Google. And being #1 on Google is a goldmine of ready-to-buy customers for your plumbing company.

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