Google Questions and Answers for Plumbers

Google Questions and Answers for Plumbers is a Key Ranking Factor

When a ready-to-buy customer needs a plumber what do they do? Most search Google. So, what do they search for? Most search for a “plumber near me”. But, customers also use other search terms depending on their plumbing challenge. “Water heater repair” is an example. Google knows that this customer needs a professional plumber to repair the customer’s water heater. So, on the Google results page for “water heater repair” there is a list of plumbing companies in the customer’s area. That’s how Google questions and answers for plumbers works.

Google Questions and Answers for Plumbers

Google has figured out what customers want when customers don’t even ask a question. Google simply assumes the question and gives the answer. We can assume this is a result of millions of searches on their search engine site. Here’s another example. A commercial business customer may search for “backflow testing”. As a result, Google knows that the customer needs help with backflow testing. A list of plumbers, who do backflow testing comes up on the Google results page. And in both cases, water heater repair and backflow testing searches, Google Maps 3- pack shows the locations for the best optimized plumbing websites on these search subjects.

SEO & Ranking High on Google

When you create content that answers customer questions you rise in the Google rankings. Google’s result page gives the best answers for questions that are searched. That’s what Google does. It’s a cornerstone of their success. So, you need to create and optimize your website and social media with the best answers to questions customers ask. FAQS and SAQ (Should Ask Questions) are a great way to do this. SEO Plumber Pro has developed a strategy to do this for you. We can create written content and videos that feature your FAQs and SAQs. Then we distribute it across the internet.

The goal is to rise to #1 on Google for “plumber near me” searches. FAQs and SAQs will add to your rankings for other plumbing searches with the same goal.

Contact us or request a free consultation or quote from SEO Plumber Pro. Be #1 on Google!

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