Google Maps for Plumbers

Google Maps for Plumbers

Google Maps for plumbers is essential for ranking #1 on Google search. Ready-to-buy plumbing customers search Google and Google Maps for a plumber in their town. Being #1 on the Google search results page is your #1 priority. But, Google maps is a close second for plumbers. Many ready-to-buy customers search Google Maps to see how far away your plumbing company is from there location. That’s because they want fast service. Overall, this is good news for your plumbing company.

When a ready-to-buy customer searches Google Maps and sees that you plumbing company is nearby they will call you. That means less travel and job time spent by you on that call. It’s amazing how many plumbers want business from surrounding towns while ignoring nearby customers. Plumbers seem to assume customers nearby either know them or will call them automatically because they are so close to the shop. This isn’t necessarily true. Wouldn’t you rather work nearby than farther away? It’s more profitable.

Google Maps for Plumbers

SEO Plumber Pro

As we said earlier Google search is your priority for being ranked #1 on page one of the Google results page. Google Maps provides a quick location, phone number and customers reviews. That’s why ready-to-buy customers use Google Maps. But, most customers trust your plumbing company website most than Google Maps for accuracy and other details about your company. So, both Google search and Google Maps are the one-two punch for success.

Google Maps is formulated by filling out Google My Business information. It must be optimized correctly to help make your Google Maps listing rank #1. SEO Plumber Pro optimizes all of these Google components for you. Most ready-to-buy customers want to talk to you over the phone. So, Google Maps and your website must have this information displayed correctly along with your address and business name (NAP). NAP is the foundation for your online presence. SEO Plumber Pro handles all of this for you to make you #1 on Google.

Contact us or request a free consultation to find out more about being #1 on Google and enjoying an ROI of well over 1000%.

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