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Every Plumber Search is Local

Every Plumber Search is Local on Google

When your customers need a plumber all you have to do is use the search term “plumber”. With the exception of the Wikipedia definition of a plumber every other website that comes up is either a local plumber or a directory of local plumbers. Customers don’t even need to search for a “plumber near me”, just “plumber” will do. This is because Google knows through experience that customers are looking for a plumber search for “plumber”. Google uses a history of searches as part of their algorithm to create the SERP (search engine results page). And history shows the every plumber search is local on Google.

This gives the plumbing company with the best SEO another edge in getting ready-to-buy customers. The more times you can up #1 on Google the more times you will get a phone call from ready-to-buy customers. Ready-to-buy customers use many different search terms to find a plumber. But, let’s never forget that the most important keyword for your plumbing company is “plumber”. Plumber is also the hardest keyword in the plumbing industry to rank #1 for on Google.

Every Plumber Search is Local

Google Organic Plus Google Maps

Google Maps may be just as important or more important than ranking #1 on Google organic results rankings for plumbers. But, you really need the combination of both ranking #1 to get the best results. When a customer searches for a plumber it could mean that customer needs one of many services you offer.

Some ready-to-buy customers may need what they feel is a specialty plumbing services. They may need, for instance, a tankless water heater. They may scroll down past Google Maps to search a plumbing company in the organic rankings that feature tankless water heaters in their listings. Or they may just search for “tankless water heaters”. This is a long tail keyword, which we covered early and will most likely talk about more in the future.

In any event, you must have the best SEO in your town and service area to rank #1 on Google for “plumber” searches. You’ll get a ROI of over 1000% by ranking#1 on Google for “plumber” searches.

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