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Customers Don’t Remember Plumbers

Customers Don’t Remember Plumbers They’ve Used

In a recent survey by Zion & Zion homeowners were asked how they decide on what plumber to call. 67% of homeowners said they would use a plumber they previously worked with. 52% said they would ask a friend. 39% said they would search the internet. Of the 67% who would use a plumber they worked with previously only half of them could remember that plumber. And only half of that group that remembered said they could find the contact info for the plumber they used before. One fourth of those search home records and one fourth search the internet for that plumber. Overall, customers don’t remember plumbers they used.

Customers Don't Remember Plumbers

Aside from remembering a plumber or asking a friend for suggestions homeowners rely heavily on the internet to find their plumber. This is in addition to the 39% who go straight to the internet to search for a plumber when they need one. Another 31% read online plumber reviews. In other words the greatest resource to finding a plumber is the internet. And whether you remember your plumber or not the internet offers additional choices of plumbers to choose from. So, if you are #1 on Google for plumber searches in your town and service area do you think you’d have a good chance of getting a call from one of these groups of homeowners looking for their plumber they can’t remember?

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