Competition Analysis for Plumber SEO

How Do You Perform Competition Analysis for Your Plumber SEO?

When you’re setting out to organize your SEO effort to rank highest on Google you need to analyze your competition. So, how do you do this? First you look at who is ranking highest for the Google search of “plumber near me” and “plumber”. This is your local plumber market competition. The search engine results, 90% of which are Google results, show the top 10 website results on page one of Google. So, now you can see your competitor’s websites that you must beat to reach the top spot on Google. You’re ready for competition analysis for plumber SEO you can use to win.

Competition Analysis for Plumber SEO

First of all, you need to look at your competitor’s technical SEO, Content and links. Your competition has put together an SEO strategy of content, links and a crawlable website. In most cases there are weaknesses in one or more of these areas of your competitor’s SEO strategy. It’s your job to find these weaknesses and excel beyond them with own website SEO in these areas.

Put Your Plumbing Industry Knowledge to Work

You know the plumbing industry. So, by looking at a competitors on-page website content you can see if any of it is outdated. You can also determine if they have gone into enough detail to cover the subject properly. Is the content of your competitor easy to read? These are all areas in which you can beat the competitor, who is ranking highest on Google, if they are not up to snuff.

Checking your competitor’s links can be done with SEO tools. Majestic or Ahrefs are two you can use. So, how many links do they have? What’s their link history? How about good links with .gov or .org? You can check your competitor’s page speed with websites like Pingdom. Check your own page speed while your at it. A loading time of under 2 seconds is good. So, how you compare to the top dog on Google. There are ways to increase your page speed. Hiring a professional SEO company that specializes in plumbers is one way. Just make sure you feel confident that you’ll get an excellent ROI with your choice.

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