Google rankings for plumbers

Google Money Page for Plumbers

The Truth about the Google Money Page for Plumbers

Everybody has heard about being on page one of Google, right? Okay, not every single person, but anybody that has an average understanding of Google search has heard of this. Plus, many SEO companies like to talk about getting you on page one of the Google results page. Here’s the truth about Google local search for Plumbers. You won’t see much of an ROI unless you are ranked in the top three positions on Google . And don’t forget Google Maps. You need to appear in the Google Maps 3-Pack as much as Google will allow. Google maps has caveats regarding location, but you can dominate Google Maps with great SEO. So, page one is the Google money page for plumbers.

Google Money Page for Plumbers

Here’s another truth for plumbers who want to rank highest on Google. The best keywords to rank highest for are “plumber”, “plumber near me”. So, that’s where the money is for plumbers. Of course, these keywords are also the most competitive keywords to rank highest for, too. So, that is the battleground. Your goal is to rank highest in the organic search results on Google and appear highest in the Google Maps 3-Pack. The combination of these two rankings will give you an excellent ROI.

Mobile & Voice Search Domination

Your mobile website is now the key for your SEO success for three reasons. Number one, most ready-to-buy customers are searching for a plumber with their mobile device. So, how is your mobile website looking these days? Is your mobile site it optimized? Reason number two is Google. Google now indexes and ranks your mobile website not your desktop version website. So, your mobile ranking appears on your desktop view. This is because over 50% of searches take place on mobiles devices and mostly phones. The third reason for mobile importance is Google voice search. Voice search is already over 20% of all searches on Google. It’s estimated by the end of 2020 voice search will be 50% of all searches.

We’ve tested Google search for plumbers on Alexa. Here’s what we found. When we searched for a “plumber” in a certain town the number one ranked plumber’s name is what Alexa said. That’s a huge game changer. Ranking highest for “plumber” and “plumber near me” is starting to take on significant value. This looks like an exclusive sales funnel for the plumber who ranks highest in organic search on Google. In the ever changing world of SEO we need to be focused on what is happening now and in the future. We are concentrating on mobile and voice search. You should be, too.

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Google rankings for plumbers

Do We Trust Google?

Why Do We Trust Google?

Do we trust Google? In other words are the Google rankings on the up and up? We’d never really considered anything otherwise until we saw an SEO article asking that very question. Just for the record and based on our experience we trust Google. But, in the SEO article there were some SEO experts who had interesting things to say about Google and Google rankings. One comment that stood out was the fact that Google is a private company and therefore it can do what it wants to do with it’s product and it’s rankings.

Do We Trust Google

On the other hand think about the trust Google has built with the public, who use Google 90% to search any topic they desire. And as for plumbers , who are ranked on Google, there is a trust by the public to use Google to search for a plumber. Google would seem to have a much higher trust factor than say, Yelp. We only use Yelp as an example because they are a well known messenger for bad reviews that many merchants find problematic. But, let’s concentrate on Google here because it’s the most used search method for the public when ready-to-buy customers search for a plumber.

Be #1 on Google & Google Maps

When you’re #1 on Google and Google Maps you’ll get over 50% of all the phone calls from ready-to-buy customers searching for a plumber in your town and service area. We’ve shown how we arrived at this percentage in a previous blog. When you work with SEO Plumber Pro this adds up to an ROI of well over 1000%. Ready-to-buy customers trust Google. Maybe they see Google as a trusted third party review site. Above all, Google doesn’t seem to have many detractors when it comes to Google rankings. So, being #1 on Google holds a prestige with the public. It also holds profits for plumbers who are #1 on Google and Google Maps.

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