Behind the SEO Curtain

Behind the SEO Curtain

Who is the wizard behind the SEO curtain? SEO Plumber Pro, that’s who. When you hire SEO Plumber Pro there is never a time when you will be asked to perform SEO duties . In fact, we don’t allow it. It is our job and duty to perform for you. The only time we ask for your participation is when we need company information or when we make videos.

We understand that you must concentrate wholly on your plumbing company and the business you conduct. So, that’s why we work independently of your operation. We may ask for your passwords to optimize your website and social media network. But, aside from the key pieces of information about your business we operate behind the SEO curtain. We concentrate wholly on making your plumbing company #1 on Google.

behind the seo curtain

SEO Plumber Pro Tactics

SEO Plumber Pro is a “white hat” company. We don’t use questionable “black hat” tactics to increase your SEO score and ranking. SEO Plumber Pro uses many Yoast SEO tactics. Yoast is a company that supports WordPress website SEO. So, that’s one of the reasons we like to use a WordPress website for our plumbing clients. Yoast educates and updates WordPress SEO professionals. SEO Plumber Pro also relies on 20 years of experience in the SEO industry. We have extensive experience in optimization, keyword research and SEO copywriting.

There are a myriad of details that go into SEO. To get your plumbing company to #1 on Google we use them all. As a result, when you’re #1 on Google you get over 50% of all the phone calls from ready-to-buy customers searching for a ‘plumber” in your town. You’ll get a ROI of well over 1000%.

To find out more about being #1 on Google contact us or request a free consultation with SEO Plumber Pro.

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